Topamax causing psychosis i guess

im just a little obsessed with the CIA again, but it will probably go away. I like this as a mood stabilizer it really took the sadness out of being so lonely. its only been a few days. is there any special way to discontinue Topamax? I was hoping I would lose weight so far I haven’t. should I immediately get off it or give it a couple days to level out in my system

I knew almost immediately Topamax was bad for me. It gave me the shakes in a bad way. Are you still on a titration dose, or have they upped it? Call your doctor (or email if they have that option) and ask him about it. It could just be a glitch if it’s only been a couple days.

its been like three days on 50 MG a day its a small does. I kinda like the way to medicine wiped about all the sitting but dating apps all day lonely waiting for someone to entertain me.i haven’t really lost weight but I haven’t gained either. I was hoping to drop a lot of lbs like other people have. I am able to control a little bit my appetite and even had energy to walk to the zoo today. its giving me energy but im kinda disconnected from reality for a few hours a day and its only about the stupid ■■■■■■■ CIA I am on there website and everything

im surprised the cia hasn’t knocked at my door with all the crazy ■■■■ I post about them and talk about them to other people

Whoa dude

I don’t know dosages of topirimate off the top of my head

Call doc tomorrow morning

By the way, the CIA are too pissed at me going native in the underground world and they’re after me, not you, don’t worry.

The CIA sends me a Christmas card each year. We’re really tight.


The CIA gave me a wind up mouse for Christmas when I was six, and a pair of rainbow toe socks.


Yeah, they’re very thoughtful when it comes to Christmas as you found out.

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When i was on topamax and taking stimulants, I first went sz. I thought the world was in my head.