No social motivation

Does anyone else have this? It seems to come and go for me but its been around for many months now. I find it so hard to socialize with anyone anymore. I just wanna be alone most of the time but i also do get lonely sometimes.


I’m the same way. I’ve always had social anxiety and sz made it way worse.


I dont like socialising. A manager on my last job said I was anti-social and pompous. When I was just struggling with meds and sza and my thoughts and keeping out of peoples ways.


I have my daughter,grandchildren , and great grandchildren. They mean everything to me. I last saw a member of my birth family in 2018. My then 88 year old father. The only one I have regular contact with,via email is my brother. I’m quite asocial. I tried to socialise because it’s seen as a big part of the recovery process.I’ve given up trying to broaden my social circle too many failures, too much pain.


I try just everyone seems to end up not liking me

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People around me don’t respect me they disrespect me.
They don’t value me, appreciate me, love me etc
I’m uncomfortable around them and they look down at me and don’t treat me right so I avoid them.
Family as such.

Except my x boyfriend I was comfortable with anc loved spending time with him n I hold him high but even he disrespected me and didn’t value my time by ghosting me ets.

My whole life I was bullied and disrespected and treated like they think I’m a loser who isn’t worth anything.

I rather be by myself than with people who treat me bad and so.

I have to meet family a couple times a year or so so I can stay in apartment I’m in and so they help me change light bulb if needed.
Without them I would probably be homeless.

I tried breaking contact with them and changing my name but couldn’t.

I want to have friends anc people in my life but not just anyone and everyone.

I want quality people who value me, love me , appreciate me, care for me , respect me.

Until then i will isolate as much as possible.

I deserve to be treated so much better.

I want to socialise but not with everyone and anyone and i have to be comfortable and feel like myself.

I wasn’t always a good friend but I’ve improved myself in many ways.


I think it can be related to stress and depression at least that’s how it’s been for me. Lately I’ve been struggling to interact with anyone but I’ve also been super depressed so I think it’s linked

I prefer to be alone. I do love socializing but my hygiene is very bad so I try to avoid people and also I don’t like people staying a night or more with us. I want my privacy. But I do love people coming over for a couple hours. But with all these communicable viruses and bacteria, we are literally still in social distancing and quarantine in a way as my parents are in their 80s.

I have the same issues. People just seem to bully me. When I talk back they say I’m being negative. I think they want to control me and when they don’t succeed at it they just ignore me.

I also want to be left alone. I’m too old too tired with being surrounded by small minded people. People are too ego these days!

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Calling you negative like this does not seem right at all. Calling someone negative can be another manipulative abusive form of treating people in certain circumstances. I intentionally refrain from calling people negative.

I agree and I too have to deal with my own ego as sometimes my own ego bothers me and others.

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I went a lot of years not socalizing online or in real life but lately ive been socializing online and i have motivation for that but no motivation for socializing in real life.


My ego goes up and down these days.


What do you mean by failure in this context ?
Rejection by others ? Inability to form bonds ? Or smth else ? Please explain.

Some classic examples. When I lived in Essex. I attended a men’s group. I saw one of the other participants in town and said ‘hello’. That’s was very hard for me to do. He looked at me as though I was a lump of s**t he’d just trod on. The group in the library I’ve mentioned before. I found it hard to initiate a conversation,but tried to reply to things that were being said. Was ignored. The rest were getting on fine with each other. To add insult to injury the person running the group took the p*ss out of me when I paid for the refreshment I’ had.

No one wanting to see me 1 to 1. Social rejection again and again. Although for the most part I’m quite asocial, I 'm not totally so.

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I see. I come across as serious and absent-minded, hardly smile or partake in small talk.
Actually I’ve developed social anxiety after being bashed by voices and real people alike. It’s how I cope with the pressure. Most people fail to read between the lines.
However I’m not a recluse. I hang out with friends (a hard-earned title, they are all very dependable) and I try to not lose it when confronted with a new social situation (team-building, group meeting, birthday party etc).

If you sometimes feel the world is out to get you, you’re half paranoid, but half right too. People readily tax the vulnerable, because they’ve been brought up believing it’s always a competition. Sad truth.

Yeah I prefer to be alone but am tortured by thoughts that I am alone.

Yeah I know they want to put me down as they suppress me.

Sorry you’re having these problems aswell.

Best wishes to us both.

May we be treated better or find a better people who treat us better.

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