I love snow but I hate snow

Snow is beautiful, no doubt about it, but I’m out 5 bucks because I had to hire a housemate to clean off and shovel around my car. lol Actually, I’m glad to pay her. It’s worth it to both of us.

Snow is ok until it turns to ice.

You’re right that snow is beautiful. But I hate it, and I refuse to drive in it. Luckily, my college closes when there is bad snow.

Some snow is ok, as long as I can drive in it, thats fine

I like snow, when they show pictures of it on the TV. Otherwise, y’all have fun in it.

anybody else have paranoid fantasies or feel that way?

I’m OK with snow. But the trouble is, I live with someone who goes over the moon manic giddy when it snows. It could snow for 10 days straight and each day my sis will jump for joy. For her… there is no such thing as too much snow to drive in.

On the opposite end of the scale, I’m OK with sun and summer days but she drags out of bed and heaves a heavy sigh and says… “Why is that thing in sky with the rays still here and trying to kill us.” But she’s OK once she hits the water. (It’s like SAD in reverse)

We’re both fairly level in the rain. Glad it rains a lot here.

we get snow like once every 2 years in memphis…it shuts everything down, everyone acts like its the apocalypse and people raid grocery stores till they’re empty. LOL a little ice and everyone panics, it’s priceless

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Seattle is that way too. We’re not call Rain City for our ski resorts. It may snow a lot in winter, but it never sticks. :scream_cat: :snowflake:

I have some family in seattle actually. I visited in the summer like 10 years ago, it was so nice.

I’m pretty sure it’s only snowed 4 times here in the 49 years I’ve been here, and only twice has it stayed on the ground for longer than 4 hours.
Talk about shutting the town down. I had a jeep back then and witnessed cars sliding uncontrollably-up hill towards me.
Funny thing is, drive 2hours east and you have some of the best ski resorts around.

I’m guessing you live in California. Is that right?

Yeah, Northern California. Close to the mountains, ocean, redwoods, big cities, Technology, has everything positive, except the government/politics.
I’m third generation Californian.

On Saturday morning I looked at the snow and panicked. I said to myself “I have to go to the mall and start my Christmas shopping. I also have to start baking for Christmas. What should I make? A chocolate marshmallow yule log”? Totally forgot that Christmas was over until my dad reminded me. :christmas_tree: :santa:

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