No point being a prepper. No ability to communicate in social circles even when on meds - predictions of the end

When the supply of meds is interrupted as society / current civilisation fails we will not be useful
(And other useful things to think about)


are you o k? this seems very dark…


I’ve thought about this many times. I get floridly delusional when off meds and I worry a kitty about the eventually downfall of society interrupting my ability to be medicated.

The best I’ve got is becoming obsessive about learning about foraging and natural medicine. Because even when I’m out of it, I still know what I know. And those two things could save my life.


I live in a home with two females. Gotta make sure we’ve got a good TP supply


Uh, is this what we are discussing?


Stuff ain’t plentiful around here, the odd grass the odd leaf, the odd flower
There is about 50% of what we British eat as food being grown in this country in farming
We can only feed half of us

I think I meant that we will not be sane so even if we learn nursing we would not be wanted by the survivors

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I feel like I’m writing about stuff that’s sci fi
It’s not it’s just around the corner
Make the most of it

Ya, most people wouldn’t survive. I wouldn’t. I just have my faith, but I feel like if you can be self-sufficient and work with your hands, you can do something and survive a bit. I think I survived before. I also feel like I’m a mutant.

Imagine now living with a crippling disability like schizophrenia. Honestly, I would just not want to suffer or prolong the suffering.

I’m a firm believer the inguinuity of capitalists (like Elon Musk) and others would do more good for us than socialism or other things.

Bill Gates is a weird guy. Wants us all to eat synthetic meat so he can breathe better. I think he’s misinformed. He might have good intentions though.

Yeah, I doubt it. I am conflicted daily with the use of windows, but he went off the rails after he left, so that is some comfort.

Elon’s cool though.

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