No one says life has to be fair

It isn’t chiseled in stone somewhere.


No, but I can dream.

Humans have an obligation to make life more tolerable for each others.
Seeing how we treat the sick, disabled or elderly, makes me feel we’ve failed.


I had this piss poor psychologist from the old government employment service say that to me one day. This was long before sz and it left an impression. Like I was gobsmacked at the time but years later going through all I’ve been through I thought. Gawd. I wish I was more responsive at the time!

It’s tough. It’s cruel. It’s a nightmare sometimes but just as much it can be Revalatory, It can be kind and it can be love/happiness. It’s a good point my friend.


it would be nice if it was fair =D but it’s not likely yea…

No, it’s not fair that my sister had scoliosis of the spine as a child and had to undergo excruciatingly painful surgery and then had to wear a full body cast at school as an adolescent.

No, it’s also not fair that this same sister came down with cancer three different times in her 59 year old life and I got off scot free of it all.

My sister says that I lost my child and says that’s worse than what she’s gone through.

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I’m sorry mannn

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Hmm?. . .

What Are You Sorry For?.

You Haven’t Done Anything Wrong. . .

Idk I’m just looking through these posts to feel not alone but idk… not helpin much. Oh I was just saying sorry for what happened

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Hmm. . .

It’s Always A Good Thing To Empathize With Other’s.

Keeps it Cools!.


Sorry you feel alone
Right now is a slow time for the forum. Once more US folks wake up and get on things will move faster.

I think that was chiseled into my head by my parents lol I heard the “life’s not fair” phrase many times

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