The world is mean and it isn’t fair

I saw this posted somewhere today and boy is it ever the truth. I also experienced kindness from strangers though. I’d like to believe the best in people. Even if they don’t extend that courtesy to me.

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Why is it mean? I mean its unfair that we have sz but not mean.

There are 7.8 billion people in the world. Some of us live in 1st world countries while others live in 3rd world countries. Some are born to a silver spoon while others are born to absolute poverty. In all cases money makes the world go round.


My advice: Don’t take it lying down. Fight back.


haha…that tagline This is Nuts is priceless matey. :slight_smile:

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The world has always been mean and always will be mean and it doesn’t say anywhere that it has to be fair. The world is infinitely unfair, just ask George Lloyds family.

Gratitude is very important. It’s so easy to overlook good things and focus on the negative, but remember: you’re extremely lucky just to be alive today. Worldwide, half a million people have kicked the bucket since yesterday.


Wish I had your optimism. I wonder if genetics has to do with how optimistic some people are? I am just working on how not to be angry with my parents. Already worried sbout how I sm gonna make it to the end of the month even though I receive a decent disability.

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Genes provide a framework, a template on which you can build. The brain is plastic and conscious change is possible. Meds are unavoidable, but they can’t replace a good attitude. Physical exercise, good sleep hygiene, refraining from substance abuse etc. These are conscious choices that help loads.

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I heard the words “life isn’t fair” many times from my dad growing up lol

It’s true though. Why do some people grow up in immense poverty and others in immense wealth? Others with parents others without parents. And so on.
Because life is not fair it is just life.

To a certain extent yes but severe negative symptoms make ppl bath much less, less hygiene, no physical exercise, no motivation, no emotions, asocial, self neglect, poverty of thoughts etc

I have all these and I have a hard time bathing once a week with the help of music, I can’t exercise at all, I stay in bed all day everyday.
These are common negative symptoms in sz.
Even my psychiatrist told me that and the history of sz, meds and how they don’t treat negative symptoms yet.

I was like that for 3 years 2014-2017. Then I decided to try and change something. I knew things couldn’t get worse. I forced myself to do an online course on a topic I liked. Then I gradually started coding again, small mobile games that kept me busy. I asked friends to rate them. They were blunt but supportive so I kept going. I dared to go out more. To look for employment again. To like a girl again. Sometimes the effort took its toll and I broke down crying or had mini relapses. But overall I am doing much better now. It took me another 3 years though. You have to clench your fist and get ready for a dog fight.


I was like that for 9 years, I did better on Abilify, got a university physiotherapy degree but had to stop it due to addiction issues.

Sorry to hear about your addiction. I am on abilify too. Been the miracle drug for me. Before it I tried amisulpride and risperidone, with bad outcomes.


Thank you @Andrey for your positive comments

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Having sz is a terrific burden in and of itself. We need to stay positive and determined. Nobody else can do that in our stead.

When I was in grade school there were 3 billion people on the earth, and two thirds of them lived in poverty. We now have roughly six billion people on earth, and one third of them live in poverty. In both cases two billion people lived below the poverty line.

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