No nicotine for me

I have not smoked tobacco for over 1.5 years and now I have not had any nicotine gum at all in this month, I think I am managing to stop my nicotine habit.


I’ve been trying to quit for the last 10 years or so. Once I completely quit on the patch and had one smoke a short time after, and bam! Back to the same old. But I’ll probably keep trying, I get free patches if I talk to my med doctor about it. But it’s not an easy thing to do, so congrats to you @mjseu

This is awesome news! Proud of you!

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Yeah well done. Nicotine is such a hard thing to say goodbye too. Hope you stay off the stuff! You’ll feel so much better sooner than you think!

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Good going @mjseu!
I quit cigarettes cold turkey years ago.
I’m proud of myself.


Congratulations, a question to all as they have done to stop smoking? It’s hard for me to spend 30 minutes without a cigarette

That’s how I was when I was smoking. Have you tried NRTs?

Ive got nodulesq on myqmy lungs. So i smoke ecig still but have to quit soon. I smoke the zero nicotine.

Smoking it helps the nerves i guess.anx

Nice going, @mjseu

Way to go!

:blush:praise to you!

Good to see you around.

Your father died which can feel overwhelming or sad but you seem to be coping well and some people fall ba k on smokes when they are upset but you did not so extra good going to you.

I quit over ten years ago but my boyfriend smokes.

I never smoked and I feel like a freak in the schizophrenia community. I do often wonder if my eating disorder is an attempt to satisfy what would otherwise be a cigarette habit. For one thing I like to bite on hard candy to get that brief intense burst of flavor that results. I also like an intense salty flavor. The refusal to smoke is non-negotiable. I’ve seen people in my family have a terrible time with it. But i notice that I have addictive tendencies too.

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@DNA If you ask me, I’ve only used nicotine patches and they did not work

Have you tried a higher dosage?

No, I’ve only tried the patches and they peel off my skin and smoked the same way using the patches. I have not used in higher doses.

Try shaving a small patch wherever you put your patches. Happened to me too, hair makes the patch fall off.

Yaaay, such great progress!! I’m happy for you. :smile:

Congratulations,! That’s quite an accomplishment. :+1: :+1:

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