I think I am successful in quiting nicotine

I have not had any nicotine in 1.5 weeks and it seems that I do not want any nicotine, I think I am successful in quiting nicotine completely,


You’re so lucky.

I was successful too I haven’t had it since the day after my surgery which was mid August other than maybe 5 hits from my friends e cig but then I said it was stupid


My longest time without nicotine was two months. The medication was working after 4 days. Then it was easy to say no to cigarettes. I still had some pills from the med Tabex, I just have thrown them away. And two weeks or so later I started smoking again.

I have not smoked tobacco in over two years at all. I occassionally used nicotine gums, but now I want to quit this nicotine gum and any other nicotine products.


I think it’s too early to tell. But good luck anyways!

You are right, too early to tell, I have had some moments when my mind would like to have nicotine, but I have been able to resist these moments, every day without nicotine is a good day. 21 days to break this nicotine habit. I think I’ll be successful.

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I haven’t smoked in years and i still get moments when my mind would like some nicotine. It’s not a bad craving but the desire for the odd cigarette now and then still comes back at times.


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