No meds for 9 months. Am I healed?

I have stopped meds before, but I kept having inserted thoughts the whole time I was off of them. This time, I am normal. I have zero delusions, hallucinations (never had hallucinations), inserted thoughts. Nothing. I had the Invega injections in Jan 2021 (I was bat-■■■■ crazy!) and the nurse said, 2 days later, (in the mental hospital) “Boy, that Invega cleared you right up!” I got out of the hospital and started back on 1mg Risperidone. I didn’t have any MI symptoms except RARE inserted thoughts. After 6 months, I stopped taking it (August 2021) and I feel as normal as I ever did in my life. I am only anxious over being piss-poor and on disability. Other than poverty anxiety, I am 100% normie. It’s really weird. I miss the ‘brain scientists’ and ‘the universe’ talking to me all the time. I really do. I enjoyed the ‘relationships’.

It’s hard to say. I’ve heard relapse can take years sometimes. I wouldn’t say you are out of the woods yet. Good luck though.


Thanks! I was diagnosed with delusional disorder at 46 in 2015. No history of mental illness at all. DD is usually sudden onset in middle aged women, so I fit the criteria to a T. Sometimes, according to one shrink I talked to, it can go away just as suddenly as it appeared. I was SO effing delusional. Good grief! I literally thought I was on another planet, at times, Hospitalized numerous times for getting lost outside following the ‘directions’ of my inserted thoughts! scary! I am very lucky I didn’t get hurt.

Anyhoo, it still nice to read the ‘unusual beliefs’ and other threads on here. Helps me not feel so alone.

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I went of meds for 5 years and then relapsed so i wouldn’t count on it but hey you could be lucky


That’s incredible you know alot of these medications have carcinogens and impure chemicals in them , and only relieve symptoms temporarily then make it worse later. If you dont need them anymore definitely discontinue. I go back and forth with them i feel these pills dull my mind and eat away at my strength.


You were only on 1mg risperidone? Maybe thats why. I am on 5mg, was on 6mg last year, can’t go lower as I get symptoms and irritability at 4mg.


My pdoc tried to put me on 4mg’s once, a few years ago. I had such horrible akathisia, I couldn’t even sit still. I am not sure if they base mg on bodyweight or size? I was 135 at the time, and I absolutely could NOT handle being on 4mg’s. I was miserable. Thye have drugged me up in the hospital to the point I am slobbering and can’t speak but I am lucid enough to know I am drugged to the high heavens. Not sure why I respond like that, but I do.


I’m green with envy.

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I was med free for five years after my first sza episodes but then I relapsed and now I’m meds dependent for years


I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but I do remember when I had ‘inserted thoughts’ all day and night. I thought they were real. VERY real and I remember thinking I would be devastated if they ever abandoned me. They did. They are gone and I am lonely and trying to piece my life back together surrounded by normies.

Wish me luck!

I would advise being cautious. Youre probably not 100% out of the woods yet. I was off Abilify for 9 months and suddenly relapsed. But there were warning signs all along the way tbh.


I hear you @Squid

I never had any MI whatsoever until 46 (2015). I very suddenly snapped (nervous breakdown). I have stopped my meds before, over the last few years but always had symptoms even while off meds. I have NO symptoms and I feel like I woke up from a coma. It’s very scary. I am treading lightly though. Very much so. You never know what can trigger you back into psychosis.


I was in a medical study in -patient and my meds were lowered for four weeks and the third week I got sick again. My voices had completely gone away and then came back. I had missed them. Years later I got very sick of them for they can be mean as the devil :imp:.

It’s rare to get sz after 40.

You may lose your disability if you don’t take medicine and see a pdoc.

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Some walk around undiagnosed. Happened to me. Could not even get help when I was young, they refused to help me. Decades later there was some form of diagnosis, only after near suicide attempts and smashing my home to pieces. But I know it started around the age of 18-22 when I had my first disassociation.

Was forced to live a normal life, which I cannot. There is a lot of stigma attached to diagnosing people to sz, and that needs to end. People think I look normal and happy, but they do not realize I have sz and cannot function normally. yet, some people still try to force me into a role I cannot fulfill. There is little understanding (where I live.), but also from myself. I find it hard to accept!


This is incredible. I can see just reading what you write that you are fine and well adjusted to reality. To come back from being lost is amazing. I would love to reverse engineer what you did for myself. I always dreamed of coming off meds but couldnt figure it out. Did you get a sense of coming back to yourself. I would like to hear more about the waking up from a coma thing.

Also @everhopeful do you happen to know the half life of invega shots in the body?

Google says

Release of paliperidone starts as early as one day after the injection and lasts for as long as 126 days. The median plasma elimination half-life (t½) of paliperidone following PP1M administration over the dose range of 39-234 mg is 25-49 days.

Pharmacokinetics of INVEGA SUSTENNA - JanssenMD


So 151 to 175 days its still in the system, this is good news. Thanks @everhopeful

You make a good point. I want to keep my disability, but I am also trying to start a business to get off of it. I’d rather earn 50K then be given 15K. I hope I can do it.