No im not ok again

right now I can hear my neighbours arguing across the street my boyfriend says its impossible for me to have really good hearing/be psychic that its all ion my head well if its all in my head im just nuts and that’s not a good enough explantion as far as im concerned.
im sorry I feel I need to vent that’s what really helps.

My hearing amped up during my onset. I could hear the fridge motor like it was a lawn mower in the room. I could hear buzzing from electronics, everything got loud.

It’s good to vent. When I’m typing, my fingers aren’t reaching for cigarettes.

thanks for reply if your thinking of quitting electronic cigarettes theyre not bad I tried to quit using then but went to nutty without cigs.

I had heightened/psychotic hearing as well. I would hear people talking about me in other classrooms and in cars passing by, i also heard my parents talking at night about me in their bedroom…now on meds that stuff doesnt happen anymore

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I do hear also people speaking about me in stores and elsewhere sometimes, but then I realized my mind was making tricks and just connecting some random words and made me to believe people talked about me, although they did not. It is just one symptom of this illness which can make me to use energies, if I do not control it. Now I just ignore every thought and understanding that comes to my mind in which people talk about me. I figured I am not so special person that people should talk about me always.


Amen to that! I had my meds increased. Starting to see more clearer. Weird things don’t happen as much. I’m sleeping better! Medication is my bestfriend.

mort what meds are you on LOL. when I go out I have to wear an mp3 player the noises are overwjhelming to me.

mjseu thanks for your replyt glad you managed to overcome it.

more true than you know…investigate your paradigm. i did mine, turned out i wasn’t crazy, just crazy like a fox. Keyword: ION

That’s great news! I changed my meds three weeks ago. Notice a hugh improvement. I know what your saying when the fog comes in and you just want to die to get away from it. It litterally makes me feel sick to my stomach…I rely on God…to keep me going.