Every time I write this I get more angry

But every time I erase it I have no idea what it said

Wut? I’m confused.

Me too. I was having some auditory hallucinations earlier. I don’t feel good today

Seriously? Remind me what meds are you on.

Perphenazine, not sure what dose

It’s been about a month right?

I have absolutely no idea

I make a point not to read or write anything important when I am not feeling well.

For example, I didn’t get to sleep until like 3am, I had a rough night, and I just took my morning meds and am gonna stay on this forum and not touch my school work or journal until I feel better.

I used to wake up and then immediately write my stream of consciousness. It was pretty ■■■■■■ up so I don’t do that anymore in my journal.

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I don’t usually get auditory symptoms

What are you hearing?

So I went out to smoke a cigarette, like always. These days I can hear somebody having a normal conversation down the block, it’s ridiculous. There was this guy talking and I couldn’t really make it out and he said something and it just echoed in my head as “i can’t remember” and then he said I was sick and I kept hearing a lot of noise that wasn’t necessarily words with a meaning, but it was sound and it made me feel bad

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Okay that sucks. Trust you’re bringing it up with your doc this week.

I’ve had the augmented hearing - there are times I have to unplug everything in my room in order to sleep so that I don’t hear the electricity flowing from the outlet to the device. And I have to wear headphones at work because otherwise conversations from around the office drive me up the wall. It sounds like your brain is filling in some blanks for you there, like we discussed earlier. Are you feeling better now?

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