No idea what dose I’m on


Thought I was on 100mg on paliperidone a month but got letter from psychiatrist today which was just a breakdown of our last appointment session and at the bottom it says 150mg IM.

I’m sure I’m not though?

I have no clue. I guess I will just have to wait now until my next injection and find out?


I had the same problem when I was psychotic and on first AP Risperdal. My parents kept away the pills from me because I thought they were giving me poison and refused the meds but forced to take them anyway. I didn’t know what dose. Different story I know…


I called up my nurse about it but she wasn’t in and they said she would call me back today. So I shall update. Cause I am confused.

Sorry to hear your story


In my country the pdoc gives you the prescription, then you go to a closer pharmacy, buy it and return to give you the injection. I think it is written on the little box you receive for the shot.(the dosage i mean) I’m on disability so the AP it’s free(i’m on pills Invega). Only other meds cost me like 10% or less from price. Do you pay anything for your injections? :thinking:


I don’t pay anything for my injections. The doctor writes the prescription; the nurse gives the injection.

Got a call back but she was having problems logging into the system to look at my dose but she said she is almost certain this is a typing error or brain fart on the pdoc and will let me know Friday (when I have my next injection)


Never heard of brain fart… What does it mean? Just kidding, I don’t want to know :smile: :laughing: