No heat: it's that time of year

It’s that time of year when it’s warm during the day but chilly at night, but because it’s warm during the day the property manager hasn’t turned on the heat yet. I deal with this every fall.

The heat to the building comes from boilers, radiant hot water heat, and is included in our rent.

They haven’t fired up the boilers yet. It’s not all bad, it can be nice having it a bit chilly when I’m in bed, but it sucks that I can’t comfortably lounge around naked, like I like to do. Right now I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

Whatever, I suppose the heat will get turned on in another week or two, depending on the weather.

Does anyone else have this issue, with having or not having heat in the control of your landlord?

No i have my own furnace which was on all day, not sure why but I was like a ice burg all day, just felt so cold, sadly I have to pay for heat and were getting winter 2 months early this year

My sister had this problem. She took pictures of her thermostat every day it was below 55 degrees in her apartment. That’s the minimum safe heat landlords are allowed to make buildings in my state. Yours might be different. She then went to her landlord and threatened to sue him for negligent living conditions if he didn’t allow her to heat her apartment to a liveable temperature. She then used her leverage further, to get him to wave the pet deposit so she could have her dog. She had a small daughter at the time, which may have helped her tip the scales in her favor. But she’s always been a great negotiator.

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Wow I’ve never heard of this. In Oz I live in a unit complex but it’s pretty new and the unit I live in has reverse cycle air conditioning. We are the opposite here. It has been cold, now getting hotter.

I’m living with the same thing. Rocking my space heater until the radiators come on.

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My oil tank is only half full atm

It is still summer time in the city I live. I wear short sleeved shirts and in bare foot. And I leave the fan on most of the time during the day.

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Where do you live @green5?

I live in a city near Shanghai, in the middle of the east coastal line of China.

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