No garden expansion

not going to expand the garden in the future, I’ve decided. I have enough. so i’ll just be growing my salad greens from now on, and buying the rest of my veggies from the grocer. why? because it’s a struggle for me to maintain what I have and im not really enjoying it.

I like what I have now, and am thinking I will try to go back to work if I can find something accommodating, so it’s just a time thing mostly. I still have an hour a day allotted in my schedule for the garden but no longer 3 or 4 hours a day dedicated to the garden.

I will continue to garden in the future, but im starting to think of the whole thing as just a phase I was in. maybe in retirement, i’ll grow more of my own food but who knows.

and it was a little expensive, I spent almost $1,000 this year alone on it. many times I thought about packing it in, but decided I must do what I said I was going to do.


at the moment I have salad greens, jalapeno and onions, and some tea herbs in my tea garden. I don’t know why I did a tea garden, i barely drink herbal tea anymore, but it looks good and is a conversation piece for guests.

in the future it won’t be as expensive, half of the expense was garden soil to fill my 5 raised beds and mulch for my walking paths. i will probably replace the mulch every year and that will cost me about $200/a year to do. the rest of the expense will just be seeds.

going to go back to focusing on improving my living situation now at my place.

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It great to have a hobby/interest like that.


yes maybe in the future i will enjoy it more, when it is just maintenance instead of installation.

it gets me out in the sun for about an hour a day, and gives me something to do instead of sit inside all day. so it’s a good thing, i guess.

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Your gardening gives you fresh air, physical exertion, plus you get some home grown healthy food to eat. Seems like a really good way to spend some of your time!


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