"No, but where are you really from?"

So, way back in our family history, there were farmers from the border between Italy and Germany.

My little sister somehow has their genes. Her skin is golden, her eyes are dark, and she has italian facial features.
People keep asking her where she’s from. She was born in Norway and speaks fluent Norwegian, so usually she just tells them her region.
Then they ask again, and she tells them her parents are Danish. Which usually sparks a frustrated “No, but where are you really from?”

Why does it matter?

I know it’s interesting when someone looks ethnic, but if they identify as Norwegian, does their italian dna really matter?

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True. It reminds me of a lesson I learned when I was a little girl. I asked a little boy what his ancestry was because his mother was white but he was obviously part African-American. But back in these days there was still a lot of racism and prejudice towards interracial relationships and the boy, obviously very defensive said I’m American really loudly. He repeated it until his Mother rushed over and collected him to calm him down. It’s best not to judge another by their skin.

I had this problem in Canada. There are many Korean-Canadians who identify as Canadian, but people often ask them, “Where are you really from?”

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My son was raised up in Australia and speaks fluent Australian English. Two of My neighbours who are white people said to me that my son was bloody Aussie because of his accent and manners.

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I dont think it matters at all… i get asked if I’m from Pakistan, my mum gets asked if she’s from Sri Lanka… it doesn’t matter at all… but i guess maybe they’re just curious… i also took the gene test and it didn’t work… i find this stuff interesting for the fun of it…

But my partner who is mixed doesn’t identify with his ethnicity… to him he’s born in UK so that’s how he identifies not by his ethnicity… i do get that point too

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I’m from the dark side of the moon. Really.

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Anyone with any assortment of physical characteristics should be allowed to live anywhere in peace, honestly.


Ppl know I am from the mediterranean region but often can’t know that I am Arab, some say Italian, Greek, etc


I’m full cracker


I’m a Dutch-descent South African but so many people in public think I’m from Syria or Turkey or some other exotic country. They ask me where do I come from and repeatedly have to tell them I’m born and bred in Cape Town

All because of my hijab headscarf

Drives me nuts!


Im Swiss German English Irish Dutch ----- maybe more
75 percent German however
I think it’s a cool mix

My dad is half Dutch half German and my mom Afrikaans (a mix of Dutch, French and German)

So on my dad’s side I’m quarter Dutch and quarter German, and on my mom’s side quarter Dutch and eighth German and eighth French

So I’m half Dutch and a bit of the other two

Getting pedantic here, I’d better stop


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As far as I’m concerned we’re all human.


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