NLD letter

Found this short letter by an adult with NLD.

I don’t drive but have difficulty judging spaces and quite often walk into people especially if the high street is fairly busy. Have a poor sense of direction, one of the reasons I very much stick close to where I live. If people ask me how to get to places a little further afield in the town I just can’t visualise it. Have got used to telling people I’m a visitor. I am ok with faces and not too bad at remembering landmarks(providing there’s not a lot of them) but not good with visual details(would make a terrible eye witness). I struggle with spoken instructions especially if there is more than one set of them. It’s hard for me to process and remember what was said. I much prefer things written down so I can refer to them. When it comes to mechanical things/household repairs I haven’t got a clue. I once had a meltdown because a washer broke in a pipe and my kitchen sink area was getting soaked. Luckily my befriender saved the day. I very much have to rely on my youngest step daughter for DIY/home decorating. As well as the things described in that short letter other things that are problems for me that are also seen in NLD are social difficulties and problems with executive functioning especially organising and planning. Forgot to add had poor handwriting as a child(had handwriting lessons that didn’t help much) Handwriting is still not good and I am a slow writer. If I try and write quickly the handwriting looks really bad. I am also very poor at art/drawing. Think ability of a 6-7 year old at most. For examole a cat is a small blob on top of a bigger blob with lines for whiskers. Geometry was also mentioned which was one of the banes of my school life . I was absolutely dreadful at it.

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