Difficulty with verbal directions/instructions-anyone else?

When it comes to verbal directions/instructions I have difficulty retaining the information in my head. Especially if it involves multiple directions/instructions.

Me too. I usually ask people to text me instructions

Yes absolutely!! I’m so awful with verbal stuff! Someone can tell me how to do something or how to get somewhere a million times and I will still do it wrong or get lost. It makes me look really dumb but I just don’t process things well that way. It’s even worse over the phone. I’m a tactile learner, so you have to have me physically do something to learn it or physically take me somewhere and then I can learn it right away.

I did cognitive ability tests in a hospital in April this year as part of a research study. I performed very well on all except for verbal working memory, fell down really badly at that. One of the doctors said that I did better than her at most of the tests.

I think it’s a medication thing. If that’s any comfort.


Verbal memory isn’t good.

@firemonkey you seem extremely lucid and clear headed in all your posts. I’m amazed that you’re scoring low, the scores might be secondary to some other cause rather than primary.

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Although not diagnosed I fit the criteria for dyspraxia. This is about secondary school age children with it but no doubt also applies to adults.

Poor short term visual and verbal memory – copying from the board, dictation, following instructions


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Yea this is a problem for me

Major problem for me. When I’m learning a new job my trainers often have to tell me the same thing five times before it sticks in my memory. I’m sure it’s as frustrating for them as it is for me.

Yeah I’m the same way. I have trouble with driving directions. I can’t follow them and get lost real easy. Same with recipes.

I have dyspraxia and with a lot of work it’s improved, but I still have the clumsiness that drew unwanted attention in the army!