Comorbidities etc

Poor coordination and odd gait
Poor hand-eye coordination
Poor practical/technical skills
Prone to dehydration- interoception
Difficulty knowing when full after a meal -interoception
Chronic constipation
Sleep problems stretching back to when I was a baby(initial insomnia)
Mild hypersensitivity to light
Poor handwriting
Poor spatial awareness
peripheral vision problems
Poor sense of direction.
Poor autobiographical memory

Sensory processing challenges

Disliking or craving certain textures

Squinting,blinking or rubbing eyes frequently

Poor eye contact

Difficulty with eye-hand coordination

Poor ball skills

Being clumsy,moving awkwardly

Heavy footed


Disturbed by repetitive sounds

Speaking with very loud voice( yet I also get quite a few people asking me to repeat things)

Difficulty filtering out noise

Bumping into things

Poor handwriting

Dropping/spilling things

Engaged in repetitive behaviours/activities

Standing too close to others

Difficulty initiating and completing tasks

Struggling with sequencing activities

Poor organisation

Easily overwhelmed


This is a big one for me


I have pretty much the same comorbidities, except that I am quite soft spoken.

I can vary(or my diction is poor). I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked to repeat things. What I do know is that I can be very animated if stressed or something’s very important to me.

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