Nightmares are coming back

in my last nightmare, I was one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. I was running away from the zombies along with my dog, Sasha and my other dog, Sandy. They caught me but my dogs got them before they could bite or scratch me, and I resumed running from them. I think maybe there is some meaning to my nightmares. Any ideas, guys?

Every day i have nightmares. I don’t think there is any meaning to it…i think our suffering, struggling and the stress with this illness caused us uncomfortable in our sleep and thats why we dream nightmares.

in my opinion the dogs represent you are being protected, and the fact you got away you are a survivor.
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I think it means you dont like people, think they’re hostile and take comfort in your dogs…I love dream interpretations. I wake up and analyze my own dreams for like 30mins every morning

Dreams do have meanings, I’m good in analysing dreams and I like doing that, well I will tell you what I have and you can choose to take it or leave it. These zombies represent your psychosis and the dogs are your close friends or family, maybe this dream represents something happened or to happen, your close friends will save you from your psychosis or a psychotic episode, or did saved you. You know better…good luck.

@mortimermouse Thats is pretty spot on for how i feel about people.

@Alex that sounds very interesting, ill think about it.

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Many times, the meds cause disturbing dreams and Hypnagogic /Hypnopompic States - you know hallucinations as you are about to go to sleep or wake up (Half Awake Half asleep) For me Seroquel XR gave me strange bizarre dreams/nightmares so is the new medication Im taking - Lamictal. The other night I was asleep I woke up for a few seconds- my dog who sleeps with me talked to me in a human voice. Strange - very strange

I used to have terrible nightmares b4 my psychotic first break. Once I became truly psychotic all the nightmares went away and now I’ll have one once in a blue moon. So whatever it was that was in my subconscious mind wormed it’s way into my consciousness and stopped giving me nightmares and made me loopy instead lol