Nicotine smoking helps in negative symptoms?

Guys their are few articles suggesting smoking can help negative symptoms. What is your take?

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smoking is a habit…a pastime…it also causes cancer !?!..what the !?! :grin:
that is like drawing the conclusion that a bunny :rabbit: on the side of the road can fix the mechanical problems on you car :car: !?!.. :wink:
take care :alien:


Nicotine does improve cognition. I’m on the patch because I can’t afford to lose the stimulating effect of nicotine. I used to smoke at least a pack a day.

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I agree. nicotine is a good thing. I use an E-Cigarette

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i could have managed cancer as chemotherapy works after that its fine. but not this â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  schizo :frowning:

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There are such studies? I’ve only seen studies that suggest it has an immediate effect on negative symptoms, not that it actually helps in the long term. If there are such studies I would like to know.

I use a vaporizer. I’m not sure it helps with negative symptoms.

I am glad that I stopped smoking tobacco and using nicotine gum, it was total waste, somehow my mind is clearer now than before when I was addicted to nicotine. I am glad I stopped my addiction.

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is no way comparable to…
cancer and chemo !?!
chemo does not always cure cancer and also long term screws up your body.
people die from cancer…
i know ten people who have had cancer…
one died…she was 13 years old…
she would have wished to have sz not brain cancer !?!
i have been doing sz for over 40+ years and other stuff…if i can do it you can do it :trophy:
take care :alien:

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i lack emotions. can not cry. have low motivation. there are no significant medications for negative symptoms. what to do?

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future is bright…???
there are more medicine comming…
just google…ITI-007…
it might give u some relief…

Everyone is different,side affects included. That’s what my doctor said and she even said that Over Time sideaffects will lessen. The drug will become like “second nature to you”.

Read somewhere that nicotine has a cancelling effect on my meds

not all answers can be found in a pill…if that was the case we would all be cured !?!
see any cured people on here !?! :heart_eyes:
so we must look also at cbt…
and our lifestyle.
we must be grateful we are not in a wheelchair
we are not terminally ill
we are not afflicted with chronic crohn’s disease etc etc.
on the positive side you might have ’ acute ’ sz which does not last as long.
remember normal people have a tonne of problems, anxiety, depression, stress etc etc.
they learn coping mechanisms.
take care :alien:

Vaporizer with nicotine helps me a lot.

Dude… ok… this guy is obviously a troll trying to get poor sick people to smoke and ruin their lives. This whole website is flooded with trolls- in fact I’ve actually never seen so many trolls on a single website. Ones that I know and other random trolls all just flock to support group websites.

OK, fellow forum members. You can’t trust people like this. Yeah that’s a great idea lets all just start smoking. to fight “negative” symptoms.

I’m outa here I can’t believe this ■■■■…

They just want to ruin everyone else’s lives because… well they don’t really even have an excuse…


@ody keep it cool brah…every one know smoking only causes harm to sz…

try a high cbd low thc for of marijuana. hopefully you live in or near access.

@odysseus1 . i am not here to misguide people. I just want to rid of my negative symptoms.even if it is needed to smoke for that i will do it.i am not suggesting anyone else

I have to say that the idea of picking up smoking to combat negative symptoms is the worst idea I’ve read in ages.