Nicotine normalizes dynamic brain activity in schizophrenia

The “study has demonstrated for the first time that nicotine restores dynamic intrinsic brain activity in the left DLPFC in patients with schizophrenia,” the researchers conclude. “This interaction may be a clinical neuromarker for increased comorbid smoking in schizophrenia.”


Probably because its a depressant. Perhaps chewing real tobacco leaves has a place in medicine (not recrationally) but cigarettes and inhaling smoke. No. Modern cigarettes are also laced with cancer causing chemicals

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I get my nicotine through vaping. I wonder what would happen if I stopped ?

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Also how long does this effect last? My guess is for a short term (the length of a short study?) but declines more with longterm use which…is essentially what we experience…short term relaxation which then longterm fades away and becomes a harmful addiction

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You would hallucinate and your anxiety would shoot up.

Speaking from personal experience.

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I suspect anything too far from its natural state would lead to intemperate use, not to mention the heath effects of the additives, leading to greater sadness

i am stopping smoking now

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I’m not gonna start a new addiction, but I wonder if nicotine patches could have a place in medicine other than for quitting smoking.


I am more productive when I not smoke , it’s just a delusion that smoking helps

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I have to admit, I like tobacco.

I might quit smoking and get the patches.

Either good or bad, tobacco dominates the globe. :earth_americas:

Actually cigs are a stimulant

Its actually both a stimulant and depressant lol.

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Where’s it say that at? Nicotine I always thought was a stimulant and that’s it

No I get what your saying in low doses it can be a depressant but for the most part higher doses are a stimulant’s which is like one cig

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You got it on point. Low doses = depressant, high doses = stimulant.

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