Nick77 about your cat advice?

did you tell me your cat also has asthma? does it take terbutaline pills like mine or does it take breathing treatments? Seems like the pills aren’t working quite as well as they used to. And where did you say you get the meds for him/her sorry I don’t remember where in the old forum to find the discussion? Thanks…

Hi Desimb, yes my male cat has asthma. He had started coughing and I took him in and my vet diagnosed him. AT FIRST he was on two medications. One of them was terbutaline pills.The other was predisone pills. The vet started me off giving him one or two tablets of the predisone and one tablet of terbutiline daily and then slowly tapered him off the predisone. The coughing didn’t completely go away on those two medications so my vet kept him on the terbutiline and added an inhaler. It’s called Flovent. The terbultine cost me about $40.00 for a two month supply. The Flovent cost a whopping $240.00 for a 3 month supply.
But I couldn’t afford it. So I called the lady who raised my cat for his first 8 months and then sold him to me. She raises cats as a side job to her regular job. I told her I was going to have to give my cat away because I couldn’t afford the medication.She told me about a company in Canada where I could get a 6 month supply of Flovent for only $140.00! This lady told me she has had more then a few pet owners use this company for Flovent and none of them had any problems with the medication. BUT… my vet advised me that I could not trust the medication from other countries. He said it might not have the same ingredients as medication in the states and may even be harmful. But this lady also told me that my cat didn’t need the tebutaline anymore. She told me that being on the Flovent was enough. So I bought Flovent from this company 6 months ago and so far it has worked my cat hasn’t coughed in 6 months. Anyway this company is called Global Direct Drugs and it’s phone number is 1-866-789-3784. If you use them, you will need to either fax or mail them a prescription. But you can call them up and get more information. And I meant to say earlier that I think this company sells terbutaline too. Good luck.


Do you know if you can get pet insurance with your home insurance? I saw an ad for some insurance company (I don’t remember which one) advertising that.

Thank you very much I did take her to the vet again today and she is on prednisone, antibiotic, and the terbutaline and has to go back next week. But thanks again for the info.

How do you know if your cat has worms? My Mom says she thinks my cat them because she has been getting skinnier and still seems to be eating normally. I don’t have enough money to take her to the vet (they aren’t giving me my allowance because I’m not at school in the summer and I don’t have a job this summer). My parents won’t take her because she wasn’t expensive (she was free. A vet assistant was giving the kittens her cat had away for free) so they don’t want to spend any more money on her after they paid to get her spayed. Do you know of anything I can do?

One big sign they do is what my family calls the butt scoot where they are constantly rubbing their butts across the floor. Have you checked her stool samples? I’ve read that you can tell by frequent loose stools or blood in their stools, or suffers from constant diarrhea. If they have pain their abdomen area, appear weak or lethargy (especially if they’re usually very active), experience severe weight loss, have regular vomiting, or may appear to be full or pot-bellied that happens in a very short amount of time. You know what’s normal appearance for your cat if he or she normally pudgy/skinny, then don’t worry. If they suddenly become pudgy/skinny over night I’d worry.

Oh thank you thank you thank you! She has none of these! I haven’t checked her poop because she usually goes outside and we have two cats (a family cat and her. She is all mine :smile:).

She isn’t doing any of that and her weight loss wasn’t sudden. I think that it might be because Mom is feeding them very cheap food and she sometimes forgets to get some for a while because we put the food on the other side of the carport where we don’t see it every day. Also our dog has been getting into it sometimes so it can sometimes be gone before it should be.

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When our puppies had worms, the worms would be squirming around in their feces. It wasn’t fun to clean up after them.

bad food can upset kitties just as easily as they can upset people. I only feed my little girl brand names. She only likes fish flavored meats so I only give her a can of fishes either from Meow Mix, or Fancy Feast (which ever one is on sale when we go to the store) and her dry food is always Purina 1 for in door cats at all ages. She seems very healthy. She was very playful with me tonight, we played with her fish on a stick and her feather on a stick…then she found a piece of Candy I dropped on the floor and was batting that around all night. Very thankful she never eats anything off the floor, she just bats stuff around.

Maybe your kitty got into something she wasn’t supposed to and it bothered her tummy. My cat is very particular about what she eats, and hardly ever eats any human food…I’ve never seen her eat any, anyway. Maybe if you have prescriptions and someone dropped a pill on the floor she might of picked it up and ate it…(that would happen with our dog when we had one that lived inside, she’d occasionally pick up a pill my mom had dropped on the floor she’d eat it not knowing what it was). If that was the case depending on what it was it may just take a day or so to go through her system and she’ll be back to normal. I’d say if in a week she’s not back to normal I’d take her in for a check up.

But if she doesn’t have any of the symptoms I’d wait to see if whatever is bothering her gets pushed out on its own. I’m not a cat expert mind you, but I’ve had a cat my whole life and it doesn’t sound like anything too serious. If it were worms or something I’d be keeping an eye on the other pets in the house too because they could get it as well. But it didn’t sound like worms at all to me.

Keep on handy, it’s a good site for information on cat care.

Thank you. Hearing that it isn’t worms from you too makes me feel even better. My Mom insists on buying the cheapest food. I’m going to try to talk to her more about getting better stuff. Maybe I can get her some canned food when I get back to my job in the fall. I have to get it for the other cat too because that wouldn’t be nice if I just fed my kitty. The other cat is 1/4 my kitty too.

I’ve been looking for some cat toys for a while. I read that most of us don’t play with our cats enough. I know I wasn’t. We would cuddle whenever our schedules lined up but I learned from Kitkat (the family cat) not to roughhouse with your cat because she will bite even when you aren’t playing. I have been playing with her with a long piece of ribbon but her claws keep getting hooked in it and it is really thin so it was only one claw at a time. I haven’t seen any toys in any of the stores but I’ll look when I go to my doctor.

If you feed your cat high quality cat food then your cat will live longer. AND be healthier. Cats love chasing lasers. It’s a convenient way to give them exercise. Pet stores in my area sell lasers for as cheap as $5.00.My cat loves it. He’ll chase it right up the wall.

The closest to cuddling my baby does with me is sitting on my lap, (or if I’m sleeping on the sofa she’ll curl up on my tummy). Otherwise she’s not much for holding or cuddling too long.

I play with my baby daily, she’s very active for being 8 years old. She loves to chase things and grab teaser things like her fishy toy, or the feather one. She also has one that is a very long rainbow string.

Then of course she has her little mice toys she loves and can play with on her own. She also loves a good laser pointer, it lets her run around and burn extra energy, if you get her a laser pointer just be careful not to point it in her eyes. Most of her toys I got a pet stores or in the grocery store pet section for less than 5 dollars.