My cat got new medication

My cat turns 17 years next week. She has thyroid problems, heart disease and asthma. Today she got new medication for asthma. I’m worried how I will be able to make her take her new meds. She already has medication for thyroid problems… phew. I love my cat so much and it pains me to fight with her to make her take the meds. I hope I will find a good solution soon. Any help/tips? Does your pet have medications?


I think your cat will understand that you are taking care of her @nimeton.
Best wishes.


My 16.5 old dog fights with meds.
Pills get mushed up into a treat/wet food.
Its a struggle with a syringe of liquid medicine everyday.
But I’m getting better and better at it.
Sit with her calm and don’t let her see the syringe and massage her mouth then open it and squeeze it. Its as hard as it sounds. I would put the liquid medication in food but its an appetite inducer cause he won’t eat without it.


Cats are hard. With the pills you need to get it down their throat but with a cat fighting you it isn’t easy. I had more luck putting pills in wetfood like tuna. Cats like tuna! My little Charlie made 18 years and passed quietly. Led a good life and still miss the little fur balls.


Are they pills? You can buy greenies pill pockets at wal mart and put the pills in there your cat will just think its a treat


Hello and thanks for replies. I got her pill pocket / pill assist kind of treats and put the pill in it. She is crazy about the treats! She took it and the pill and everything went so smoothly! First I tried to give her meds with a pill syringe, but it wasn’t good, she hated it. But hiding the pill in treats worked! I’m so happy :slight_smile:


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