Nice cycling weather

I went to ride my bicycle. I rode nearly three hours. I sat also on the bench located near the place where I played when I was seven years old. When I was a child I often rode my bicycle on the same streets where I ride today. I have been riding my bicycles since 2002 after returning from the States. It is quite flat here and no real hills so it is nice to ride the bike. It is a nice sunny day and snow is melting. I also remembered a Russian song I learned when I was a child. I have just good memories from my childhood. I just have my afternoon coffee.

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I have not been able to ride a bike since 1996 because of my broken body and disoriented mind. I rode a lot as a child and I can still take walks.

Your posts make it seem like you have an ideal adjustment to your schizophrenia. Persons here could emulate you.

I’m so out of shape . . . But I have been taking daily walks.

Exercising is great for mind and body. Also in the sunshine we get important vitamin D which helps to counter depression. I sold my car over eight years ago and since then I have always been riding my bicycle. I have had many different types of bicycles. Now when spring and summer is coming I am going to ride my bike more. My little town is so little that I can ride my bicycle from one side of the town to another side just in 25 minutes. I also see other people when I ride my bicycle which is great because otherwise I am quite alone.


I have a bike but the tires are always flat. I never ride it. I have tried to fix it a few times and still end up with flat tires. It’s a Mongoose. Got it from Walmart.

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