New vitamin regimen helping! How 'bout you?

I recently started taking vitamins. I take a multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin C, l-theanine, and St. Jon’s Wort. It hasn’t been quite a month yet, but I feel really different. Calmer, more in-tune, and less anxious. I was doing really well with my psychotic symptoms, but I just had a spell today, though it wasn’t bad.

What do you take, other than your prescribed meds, to help you out?


You might want to check out some info on St. John’s Wort, it is supposed to cause psychosis in some people.

St. John’s wort caused me to develop florid positive symptoms for the first time.

Oh crap! Please disregard this post! I wouldn’t like to be responsible for a relapse in symptoms, in myself or anyone else! I’m stopping St. John’s Wort immediately, as I believe it’s responsible for my recent positive symptoms!

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St John’s wort made me very spaced out

st john’s wort is one of the things doctors are suppose to warn you about. a few of my doctors told me to never take it. they said a multivitamin, and fish oil are fine.

I take Omega 3 fatty acids. I really don’t notice much effect, but it’s cheap, and it might be helping me in ways I don’t know about.