Anyone take any supplements?

Anyone take any supplements. I’ve been taking Alive Women’s Energy and it’s been making me feel great. Either it’s that or St John’s Wart. Anyone else taking anything?


I assume it’s st johns wart that’s making you feel better. It can interact with meds so be careful.

Click here and then click on “interactions”




I take more but im taking a break from the omega 3 because im scared I might have stenosis

Yeah I take kelp as well.

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Does St John’s Wart work straight away? I’ve only been taking it a few days.

You know about nutrition and stuff. Does St John’s Wort work straight away?

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I don’t know about st johns wort sorry, but I do remember reading on my abilify leaflet not to to take st johns wort :s

@Star84, maybe read your antipsychotic’s medication leaflet in the contraindication section…

(I only just passed that course on nutrition sorry idk much and my family threw away my education handouts without my permission because they thought they were influencing my psychosis
:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ) sad times

I don’t know if it works straight away. Click the link I gave above and see if you’re taking any meds that it might interact with. I’d be more concerned about that.

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I take daily:
Melatonin 10 milligram
Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil 500 milligram
Grape Seed Extract 200 milligram
Vitamin B12 - 1- milligram
Celery Seed Extract 600 milligram
Gingko Biloba 120 milligram
Astaxanthin 4 milligram
Magnesium Citrate 200 milligram
NAC 600 milligram
Solgar Vegetarian Multiple three capsules
CoQ10 200 milligram
Vitamin K2 -100 microgram
Citrus Bioflavonoids one gram
Lithium 400 microgram
Carnosine one gram
Red Palm Tocotrienols 50 milligram
Willow Bark Extract 400 milligram
Vitamin D 5000IU
Panax Ginseng 500 milligram
Cat’s Claw 500 milligram
HMB three gram
Oregano Oil 25 milligram
Rhodiola 250 milligram
Passionflower 300 milligram
I also take a tablespoon of creatine and a tablespoon of spirulina.
And I drink green tea and herbal tea of lemon balm and echinacea
That’s a lot but I look twenty years younger than my age.

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im thinking about taking zinc, for my immune system and also vitamin e to lower my prolactin. probably will just go with wheat germ for vitamin e.

i haven’t taken any supplements for a couple years, i think they are kind of a waste of money. but i used to take a teaspoon of liquid fish oil for a couple years. can’t even remember why i was taking it though. i remember it seemed to soothe my brain almost immediately when i took it. it was very therapeutic.

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That’s tons of supplements! Just be careful about their interactions with meds. Lithium can damage the kidneys at therapeutical levels and doctors do regular blood tests for it. Lithium is for bipolar disorder.

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Also ginseng in high doses can cause psychosis, I remember it made me psychotic but I think I took too much.

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i should probably also take vitamin d3 for my low vitamin d levels. i was on some prescription but stopped paying for it. the phamacist said i could just buy vitamin d supplements from the grocery.

so i will soon be taking

wheat germ oil
and vitamin d3

I am Asexual and hate masturbating… So I take Vitex (Chaste Tree). It took 3 months to start effecting me… But I have gone from once every 3 days to once every 4 months. It wonderfully gets rid of my sex drive. I take 3 pills of 410mg 2 times a day

LS! Hi Aziz! I take only 400 micrograms of Lithium. This sort of amount in the tap water extends your life. So long!

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I take vitamin D3 and a multivitamin. Im vitamin D3 deficient

LS! Hi Aziz! I did not know that about ginseng. I have to be careful however and I will check it out. Thanks!

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i sometimes take sublingual vit b12 1mg
it is gr8 for negative symptoms

I’m taking Glucosamine.

I take 150 mg of L-Theanine with Suntheanine daily, an Alive! Once daily men’s ultra potency multi-vitamin supplement daily and 1000 mg of pure EPA omega-3 plus vitamin E.