New types of sexuality

Trisexuality. You define it.

Botanisexual. Sex with plants.

Mechanisexual. Sex with machines.

Technosexual. Sex with phones, computers, atms, things like that.

Fashosexual. Sex with clothes.

Aquasexual. Sex with water.

Financiosexual. Sex with large piles of money.

Sustenosexual. Sex with food.

Musisexual. Sex with musical instruments.

Quadrosexual. You define it.

So many ways to do it and so many things to do it with. I think it’s time people expanded their horizons.

Soon it might be sex with water plants… that Aqua-botanisexual?


Disability doesn’t help with this, I’ll need to borrow some money

sex with pam and her 5 sisters

I define trisexuality as an asexual bisexual.

I got you bro. all we gotta do is sell crack for the cia lol.

Ass play with a saxophone doesn’t sound too bad…

DO you guys ever see how many more views from the onlookers their are when it comes to (our crazy sexuality)?