New Schizophrenia Treatments Address Unmet Clinical Needs

Hardly, it’s a chronic condition thankfully since the advent of ap’s!

Look how far we’ve come. The closure of County asylums, second generation ap’s and the curtailing of ect!

Perhaps you should look for something rewarding to do? I volunteer and I’m a part time under graduate student.

I have a hard time with looks and comments from strangers. I don’t like being the but of jokes or being written off as an invalid. This is just what I get when in around my own family let alone out in public

Yeah I second this gorilla I’ve been sick for months now and it’s going to kill me for sure. Try stick it out as long as you can I suppose. I loved everyday of life but now I smoke just to take the painaway and will probably be dead from cancer or cardiac death. Before psychosis would never even touch a cig. The mental health team want me back in the my 21 year old self has nothing but death and mental hospitals to look forward to. Don’t know how a brain can just turn on itself but it has. Sometimes I think even paraplegics have better lives idk.

The closure of asylums isn’t really a good thing they had there place.


On the bright side, these new and exciting meds are just around the corner. Well, I’m excited about them anyway.

Well, at least you’re still young. It’s sucks though man. I was completely normal until 24. But I blew my mind out in drugs and stress. I’ll hang in there for now. There is a small piece of me that does believe in partial if not complete recovery. I’m 39. Been psychotic on and off for 15 years. Stay strong man. Who knows there’s also a part of me that thinks one day soon they’ll crack this ■■■■ wide open and it might be life changing. We’re like lost souls, left behind but not forgotten. It’s terrible. I don’t really understand it either.

Yeah deff understand the lost souls part. As I’ve stated before there will never be a magic pill a top psychiatrist in New York has stated this. They might come up with some science that can stop the gene in very early stages (even infancy) and they would have to asses the mother and father for mental health issues and could stop it. The big thing now is geneticly engineered humans and selecting genes for the birth of that baby. Us my brother have degeneration in our cognition…i can’t even watch t.v. I was a high score gamer for years…drove around Australia my country now barely can take in a drive to my local shop. A psych had stated SZ etc is a virus in a computer.

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They’re may not be a magic pill that can fix it but according to my doctor who is also a top psychiatrist in New York City and who I am going to see tomorrow, they’re will be a cure for sz sometime in our lifetime is what she said to me. I asked what will it look like and she said that it would be like some kind of electric stimulation trough the skull and into the brain. Like the radar knife that they use to remove brain cancer tumors but without opening the skull. Despite this information, (and I don’t even have schizophrenia, I have either bipolar or schizoaffective). I still don’t think I can wait for this type of treatment to come along. That’s why I’m saying your young, you haven’t been sick very long so you haven’t experienced all of the humiliation and loss of dignity that goes along with it. Maybe in the next ten years they’ll have something. You’ll be in your 30’s with your whole life ahead of you.
I think the chemical imbalance is what stopes you from being able to focus. I feel personally that there is a lot of my brain left that won’t work properly because something is blocking it.

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Seriously, what if the negative symptoms are the only thing standing between a suicidal/homicidal person with sz? If we are more free to do what we want, will there be more hell to pay?

What exactly do you mean?

For instance, some guy has suicidal thoughts, but the negative symptoms keep him from having the motivation to go through with it. If you take away the negative symptoms, he offs himself.

Ahh interesting theory. I have serious depression and it just started to lift, now I have the energy to off myself. You could be onto something.
Or maybe God created negative symptoms because if schizophrenics didn’t have them they would go around killing people randomly.

Mmabey, I remember having paranoia which lead me to think I needed to do things to protect myself. I wouldn’t go so far as wanting to kill someone. I was more into suicide personally.

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I would think it was better to hurt yourself than someone else. But if I had voices telling me to kill people I don’t know if I wouldn’t

I’ve never had voices telling me to do things. I hope that never happens to me. My thoughts came from my delusions.

I’m no Dr…but I sufferd bi polar also…which is what lead into SZ due to dopamine saturation fizzing out my wires…i had developed BP in 2013 and they were the most high functioning days of my life sure the 1 month deppresion phases sucked but when I was manic and hyper manic I was a wizz played comp games…drove very efficient. Cleaned my house…studdied I.T…became a bodybuilder (have the photos to prove lol) so if you’re brain is sluggish and malfunctioning to the point you can’t handle day to day that’s not really bi polar. Actors like Jim Carrey russel brand etc are all high functioning because they suffer bi polar it’s a very manageable even enjoyable illness…SZ lol not so much.

Yea, not if you have bipolar depression. The depression last ten times longer than the mania and the problem is, anti depressants and stimulants can throw you into a manic psychosis. I’ve been dealing with bipolar depression for ten years. My moods cycle and my thoughts race and don’t make sense. If I get depressed enough I have psychotic breaks.
The bipolar that Jim Carey and Mel Gibson have is bipolar 2. It’s the pussy version of bipolar. They self medicate with coke and weed and become super creative. I had that until I started to smoke cocaine and completely blew my mind wide open got so depressed and heard voices. Now it’s a balancing act of like 6 different meds to get my sanity back. And I’ll never be quite right even if I’m not psychotic all the time. The side effects of the meds are debilitating as well. Kiss your exercise career and your sex life goodbye. Yea I might not be in the psych hospital but I have zero quality of life and cannot have acquaintances because I feel so odd about my illness and my past. It’s almost as bad as having schizophrenia. I’ve been disabled for about 5 years now.

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Yep that’s what happend to me 2016 I was manic took remaron and the mania went so crazy it developed into SZ or a similar illness I’m still suffering from I played with fire with my dopamine and paid a very very heavy price.

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At least you live in a cool place. I’ve heard Australia is nice. You know what I do? I wrote an email every day and harass my local research unit about finding a better treatment for psychosis. You’ve got one in Australia. You could be breathing down their necks to come up with something that works.
I figure ■■■■ it, I’m already disabled in my home, why not do something pro active?