New roommate

Mr. Star’s sister moved in with us this weekend. She’s really cool, so far. She is out exploring the area and finding stuff for her room right now.

She just graduated college this spring, and hasn’t been able to find a job in her field. She thought moving from a tiny village to a major metropolitan area would increase her odds. The girl has been working pretty continuously since I met her. She never took time off even during school breaks. She’s pretty frustrated with the sudden amount of free time she has. Mr. Star and I have been keeping a lookout for her.

The kid we took in back in February is doing well, and moving into his own place next month. I was sad to have an empty house, but now I won’t! Mr. Star is excited to have family so close. He had been feeling kind of isolated being thousands of miles away from everyone.


Was the kid homeless? Or part of a program?

He was homeless. I say kid, but he’s 19. I consider anyone younger than 21-25 a kid, because their brains are still developing.


That’s a cool deed

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I agree but when you were 19…you didn’t wanna hear that :wink:

Now we’re like WHAT THE F WERE WE THINKING?!?!?!

If only I was patient. Or not so hormonal. And stupid. And insightful on the fact that I was fing clueless. Conundrum there…well life would have gone way smoother lol.

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Oh wow. I didn’t know that and to think in the old days kids used to marry as young as 15. I had an aunt (through marriage) whose mother married at 15. My other aunt married at 17

I just think it’s crazy that some would marry b4 their brains were fully developed

A sister in law - that’s cool.

JMy therapist once told me you don’t really know who you are till you’re 25…oftentimes later. And rarer earlier than 25.

Like your ego/sense of identity/w.e u wanna call it really doesn’t make full sense of itself till your around 25+.

I know it’s accurate for me.

I threw my sister a return of Saturn party. It’s an astrology thing where on average at 29.5 years old…well that’s when your Saturn returns to the place in the sky to where it was when you were born. You supposedly make great changes and developments from 27.5-30.5 or so if u believe in astrology. My sister swears by it.

I know 23 years old was when I really started to make any sense of anything at all. Now I’m 28 and rapidly changing. I have a good sense of myself. Everybody I meet immediately tells me “but you’re smart…” if I start to complain or something. For example every time I enter the psych ward I get like 4x the phrase “but you’re smart”. I think I have a greater sense of self than average 28 year old due to adversity and soul searching but wasn’t always that way. But I move and react intelligently. Even if I say stupid things on this site sometimes, I just give a vibe of intelligence based on the way I drive, talk, walk, etc…

How id judge myself, there’s nothing smart about me, there’s nothing dumb either. I’ll take it tho.

I’d rather be all around “not dumb” then excel in one area and fail in others.


There many intelligent people here. you’re one. @Ayecoop is one and many more

I’m 42 and now just smart enough to figure out how I screwed my life up. My life is 2 baths a day, eating, watching tv and hanging on this forum.


I just feel I’m smarter in real life or at least seem that way cuz I’m Uber aware of everything. I’m probably a shitty writer/or average poster. I have good five senses. I’m not the most quick witted but I’ve managed to erase all my dumb thoughts. Couldn’t will myself to a 135 IQ but I’m smart enough to will myself away from stupidity… been tested 120 iq which is swell and all but not smart enough to connect to amazing levels of creativity which is true intelligence imo. Just smart enough to not act stupid lol.

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I have no idea what my iq is. Never tested. I know I graduated high school with a 4.5 gpa. With that man I was going to leave my dad’s house and conquer the world. How foolish we are.

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Didnt read the thread but thanks @Loke there are lots of smart people on here


Very awesome you are willing to open your home for others! I hope it goes great! Sounds like it is a good situation :blush:


wow. did not know people still did that.

respect ninjastar.

19 is a kid just not a kid kid. we all need someone looking out for us at some point in our lives.

@Loke we use to marry young cause average life span was what 30, maybe 35? by the time you were 15 that’s half your life span right there. strange in relation to today when we live to 70, 80 or older.


That’s a very kind thing to have done - taken in a homeless 19 year old. I’m sure he’ll never forget your generosity. Some people need that kind of head start when everything else has failed them.

And it’s good that Mr Star’s family is now so close. I live interstate from my family also, and sometimes i do miss the opportunity to just pop on over to their house to see them.

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