New Research Suggests Stigma Around Depression Is Dropping (But not for schizophrenia)

For instance, the study also asked participants about whether they thought people with schizophrenia were likely to be violent; that number rose from 54 percent in 1996 to 67 percent in 2018.


I honestly didn’t know there was stigma around depression.


Mental health campaigners only ever talk about anxiety and depression

They claim to be fighting for mental health, and in the same breath exclude people


My book on social work opened up with a description of a woman with a steak knife going after their aunt as an example of schizophrenia. In the opening chapter on mental illnesses, it describes the other mental health issues with more blatant simplicity, but then you read about schizophrenia and suddenly have the instant depiction of a violent criminal psychopath. That stigma is taught across the country. Its not something thats a reality its a social norm, a cultural stigma, like how in the past most families never talked about depression or health issues at all with anyone outside closed doors.