New part time job

I got a new job. Talked about this in the say anything thread yesterday but I am going to work part time as an aircraft mechanic.

I already have a full time job working for the federal government and went off of SSDI in June. I had to ask permission to take a second job and they have 10 days to approve it or not.

I will be on call outside of my normal working hours and on the weekends to go to the airport and work on planes. They are going to start me at $30 an hour. I worked as an aircraft mechanic for 6 months in 2017 and 2018 but they were only paying me $15 an hour. That’s why I got out of the business and took this federal job. This new job is only part time though. They said maybe I could do full time in the future if the company grows.

The guy said after a month or so if I learn fast and can go out by myself I will get $38 an hour. For each service call I will get a minimum of 4 hours of pay. So even if I only work on a plane for 30 minutes I still get paid for four hours. Of course if I work more than that I get that too but I also get mileage if they send me out of town. The guy said the average call was about 25 minutes like if a plane won’t start or something.

So long story short I will be working more than 40 hours a week. I don’t know how often they are going to call me yet. I am going to have to wait and see.

I have to go and take a drug test tomorrow. Was supposed to do that today but I was too busy at my other job.

This will be like a hobby I can get paid for but I don’t know if I will be able to handle extra work. I might have to quit or only do it on the weekends. My wife is already complaining she is alone all the time. She got used to me being home everyday.

Will let you guys know how I manage with two jobs. I have to buy some smaller tool boxes so I can keep my tools in my truck. My tool box is too big to drive around with it always in there. I will also have to carry two sets of work clothes with me to go from job to job.


Good for you. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Tools are kept in a tool crib you don’t gotta carry them around on your shoulder make sure they’re locked up since others steal. I mean they can borrow but not steal. Take frequent breaks, especially if getting into hot environment.

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This company doesn’t have a hangar so I have to carry my tools around.

I may be getting in over my head with this. I really need my rest.

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you are some kind of superman to me…!! man can you handle all this work without getting stressed?


You can’t pass up this money try it out and see how it goes you should have trial work period on SSDI.


I won’t know until I try. I see my therapist on Friday. Will see what he says.

I also interview for a really good job in New York City next week. I would have to move for that though. I really like my house.



Hope it will go well for you.

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man you are like leaping around like there’s no gravity !! please keep a close watch on your illness…it might start sneaking up. at least that’s what I’m afraid for you for.


I will back off if it’s too much. I never want to be hospitalized again.

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Also people’s lives will be in my hands. I can sign off an aircraft safe for flight. No room for mistakes. I will feel it out.

Wish you well with it all and sounds promising. You sound like your doing pretty well with things!

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I told the guy my work had to approve it and has 10 days to answer me and he canceled my drug test and said let him know when it’s approved. He wanted me to start this week.

An old friend of mine is an aircraft mechanic for Virgin. I’d love to do a job like that but to qualify like he did you need maths and physics. I failed in high school so could never do what you’re doing.

Sounds like a really good thing to get paid for a hobby. If it goes well it could be your main job one day!


Ya there was math and physics involved. I think the hardest thing was riveting though. That was tough.

Congratulations :sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::rainbow:

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I want to do it but I don’t think I can handle it. It’s too much. I will have to tell him I can’t do the late calls. He might change his mind. We will see.

This sounds great. I am so happy for you, best of luck

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I did work experience at school for a small engineering firm and there was about 10 of us and one of the other students put a rivet through the skin between their thumb and finger!

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That sounds painful.

I barely passed riveting. I shot a lot of extra rivets. The FAA exams for your license are really hard too. You have to study a lot to pass.

I told the guy I can’t handle calls after 930 pm and he said he still wants me to let him know when my boss approves me so I may still do this.