Got a job offer yesterday

I just got a pretty good job offer yesterday. Problem is I am still waiting to hear if my SSDI is approved again and we just started our own business and I kind of have to be here.

It’s temporary aircraft mechanic work. While the workforce is on strike. It’s out of state but they would fly me there, put me up in a hotel, provide transportation to and from work (or I could drive and get mileage), $350 per diem a week. Guarantee of 60 hours a week at $45 an hour so 20 overtime every week.

The job would be 90 days to 6 months probably. That’s a lot of Jack. But I can’t do it.

If you know any other aircraft mechanics looking for a good gig. PM me. They say they have this type of work all the time. It’s somewhere in the northeast. They won’t tell me where yet. You might have to cross a picket line to go to work. I think it’s in Minnesota or Michigan.


That really is an amazing job offer. You’re lucky to be so skilled.

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Too bad you can’t do it. I’d do it if I was an aircraft mechanic.

60 hours a week sounds like too much. And going out of state for a job is a hassle.

I’m sure you’ll find something more suiting.

In the meantime good luck with your SSDI and vending machines.

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What’s the hold up with SSDI. Is your case manager unresponsive?

I don’t have a lot of experience as a mechanic. I was mostly a pilot. This is a good gig though. I do have my licenses though. I worked as a mechanic for a while and I only made $15 an hour.

This is a really good opportunity. And you don’t have to bring your own tools which is uncommon. Usually you have to bring your own toolbox.

I went back to work and went off of SSDI but got fired while I was still in the 36 months of extended eligibility. They are making another medical decision. It’s been a couple months I submitted the paperwork to disability determination services. Haven’t heard anything yet.

I am getting provisional payments for 6 months.

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60 hours is a lot. Probably too much for me. But a young stud should be able to do it I think.


Well I hope I hear back from disability determination services soon because I talked to a guy today about a flight operations analyst role working with a software company. I would sign up new customers for their maintenance and operations software. It’s remote and you can work any schedule from home. As long as you meet your deadlines there is no clock to punch.

It ain’t $45 an hour but they said $65,000 a year plus a bonus and benefits. And they said with my experience I would probably advance very quickly into management. I have to do another zoom interview probably next week. If I don’t get my benefits back this sounds like a good opportunity. I have a lot of flight operations and maintenance experience and I could still go check on my vending machines.

60 hours a week out of state is not something I am capable of right now. Especially if it’s shift work. I can’t work nights.

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I got an email about the aircraft mechanic job. They want me to travel the first week of May. I am going to opt out. Just not possible.

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That’s too bad. You do have a lot of things going on.

Hope you figured out how to fix your smashed glass on your VM.

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Thanks I ordered a new glass. It shipped yesterday. I have another Machine coming May 6th.

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Well I got another email asking me to confirm availability and it said the company was still negotiating with the workforce and they haven’t even gone on strike yet. I am going to wait and see how this plays out before I say no.

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