Tomcat, hows work going?

Hey @TomCat,
How’s work going? Are you improving? Do you think you’ll get to stay? Are you looking for a different job?

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It’s going okay. My boss told me this month he has to make the decision to keep me or not so I don’t have much time. Two weeks ago he said it wasn’t looking good.

I keep applying for things but still looking and no offers except for aircraft mechanic work and that pays less than what I am making now. If they let me go I will probably just go back on SSDI.


I’m sorry. I hope he decides to keep you. At least he gave you a warning. But since working makes you feel good, maybe you should keep looking while you’re on Ssdi

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I have been applying for jobs non stop ever since I got out of the military. Even when on SSDI. I will never stop looking. I check indeed every day.


I’m glad to hear you haven’t given up. :slight_smile: You have a good head on your shoulders.

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Thanks. I have a part time aircraft mechanic job also but I don’t get many calls because of my full time job. If I just did that I could get more calls and SSDI too and probably make more money than I am making now.

All the other mechanic jobs I have been offered are out of state and I can’t afford to move out of state for what they offer.

I talked to an Airline in Alaska before the holiday but that would be too expensive to move there.

I am working on getting qualified to fly drones and may be able to get a job doing that here but they tell me you have to do a lot of traveling. The wife wouldn’t like that but at least I wouldn’t have to move.

But maybe my job will keep me. It took me 10 years to get hired for a government job. I applied for them non stop.

It sounds like you have options and that’s great! Not everybody has multiple options so you’re a step ahead there.

So the aircraft mechanic job pays you less than $1100/month? You said you can keep Ssdi doing it. That surprises me. I’d be looking for something else too.

I’m sorry it took you so long to get a government job. Hopefully, if you have to keep looking, it won’t take as long this time.

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The job pays well. $30 an hour. I just don’t get many calls. I have only made $210 doing that so far in the last two months. I think that’s 7 hours I have worked in the two months I have been doing it.

The guy told me once I got more experience he would pay me $38 an hour. I would stay under the minimum for SSDI unless I could go full time. He said in the future that might be an option.

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Well, at least it’s a good paying job. That’s good. :slight_smile: I’ve never made anywhere near that much so I’d be really happy with that pay!

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I turned down $55 an hour in October but I would have had to move to Tucson. I have the education and experience to make that kind of money. There just aren’t any of those kinds of jobs around me where I live.

The government is paying me about $25 an hour so my pay would have more than doubled if I would have gone to Arizona.

That’s why I keep looking.

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$55/hr is over $100,000 a year. I’m impressed you were able to turn it down. But if it’s not right for your family then it’s not worth it

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I think the salary was $90,000 a year but you got like $7.50 an hour on top of your pay for insurance and I already have insurance so the guy told me I could keep the extra money.

I wanted to go so bad. My wife said no.

I’m sorry your wife is so hard on you

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You couldnt pay me to live in Tucson for a 1,000,000 dollars a year salary. It was the right decision Tom.

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I got an email today that says my boss is going to go over my latest review and his decision to retain me. So it’s not official yet but I guess I get to keep my job.

I have two more phone interviews today. I did one on Friday. Haven’t gotten an offer but expecting an offer today from another interview I had last week on the phone.

Gotta stay on top of things and keep my options open.


That sounds really good. I hope you get to stay. But if not, at least there are other options. I’m really routing for you because I know how hard working must be with this illness and yet you’re doing it. That’s success even if this particular job doesn’t work out. Fingers crossed on keeping the job!

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Well I had the meeting today. He decided not to retain me at this point but is giving me 3 months to improve.

I just got another job offer though. $37 an hour. Aircraft mechanic but would have to move to Alabama. The wife says no. Guess I have to try to improve.

I hope it works out. Keep finding ways to be fast but also accurate, and dont be afraid to ask questions. Is there any chance they’re letting you go because of your mental illness, and making it look like it’s just because of the quality of your work?

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