New Job Maybe

One of my sister’s church friends owns an aircraft maintenance business and I just got my aircraft mechanics license. I have had trouble getting a job because I don’t have any experience so I asked my sister if she would hook me up with him.

Well I called him today and I go and meet him tomorrow. I am going to tell him I will volunteer my time since it’s a friend of the family type thing but he may want to pay me. He mentioned part time and a drug test so I will see where it goes.

I tried calling Social Security to see what I have to do and of course no one answers the phone. Don’t you have to report your income or something like that?

I am going to let him know I am signed up for two job fairs in the next month and will be going to those but he said he is busy for the next couple of months and has a personnel shortage. So I may just have me a temporary job. We shall see.


What meds are you on?

Abilify can show up as amphetamine on some drugs tests, but nothing to get paranoid over!

I take Latuda, Geodon, Wellbutrin, Xanax and Lunesta.

From what I heard you need to report it. Also you are limited in your hours and in the amount you can make from it. I remember the max you can make is somewhere like 1000 per month.

I think Xanax/Benzos only show on a expanded drugs test, so you should be fine, just be honest with them about taking it and you should be fine!

My goal if I go back to work is to get off of Social Security. I want to make as much as I can. But of course I want to use the 9 month trial to make sure I can do it.

But if it’s only part time I might be under the maximum allowed to stay on it. I guess I will find out tomorrow.


Good luck @TomCat!

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I think (I’m not sure) you can make $75 or less a month and you do not have to report it.

Call the national number early in the day preferably in the middle of the week, that’s usually the best time to get a hold of a live person.


When the automated system starts giving you prompts they may answer your questions,. But if you start going nowhere with the prompts just say “agent” and it will only ask you a few more questions and then give you a live person.


He offered me contract work. 40 hours a week at $15 an hour so I am going to be making more than the maximum allowed. I start tomorrow.


Thanks for the number. I just got off the phone with them and reported where I am going to work. They said they would send me something in the mail. A confirmation or something.


First day of work since 2014. So far so good.


Okay I think I need help. Any web lawyers or CPAs on here.

My employer hired me on as an independent contractor and I will get a 1099 at the end of the year. I will not get a W2 form. They are paying me $15 an hour and are not taking any taxes out of my paycheck Right now I am going under the premise that I will be working 40 hours a week so that’s roughly $2400 a month. I will have to hold on to the extra cash and pay the IRS myself come tax time.

I receive SSDI. How does this affect me and how much I can make a month? Will SS even be able to tell I am working? I called SS before I started and told them I was going to work and they told me I could make as much as I want for 9 months and then I could make like 11 hundred something and not lose my benefits. More than that and my benefits will stop. I don’t remember exactly what amount they said.

I would definitely hire a tax attorney, or C.P.A. if I were you.
Also, call the social security office back and find out what the maximum amount you can earn is. Very important so you don’t have to pay it back.


If you are going to continue working, it is probably best to call Social Security and put a stop to your disability payments, after nine months arrive, so you don’t end up having to pay back the Social Security Administration any money that they deem is overpaid to you.

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I think I make more than my net pay working right now on SSDI so after the 9 months if my pay rate doesn’t go up I am going to reduce my hours to stay under the limits and still receive my benefits but if I get hired on as an employee and get a raise I will definitely make sure my payments stop. I have to keep Medicare so that will be an added expense if I lose my benefits.


My employer asked me what my diagnosis was today. He was inquiring about tax credits for hiring disabled veterans.

I am pretty sure it is against the law for them to ask me that but he assumed I had PTSD.

I told them I had schizophrenia. We will see if this comes back to bite me in the ass or not.