New Meta-Study: Memantine May Help as an add-on to antipsychotic treatment for residual negative and cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia


Is it best to take this at night or in the morning?


Does it affect NMDA? I thought it was nAChRs. The memantine, I mean.

Edited to add: you are correct. I found this possible explanation online.

“Memantine, a low-affinity, non-selective NMDAR antagonist, is indicated for treating Alzheimer’s disease and used off-label to treat psychiatric illnesses.2 It seems paradoxical to consider this agent for treatment of schizophrenia, since its activity as an NMDA antagonist would appear to worsen psychotic symptoms. However, it appears to block NMDAR activity stimulated by low levels of glutamate, thereby perhaps protecting against neurotoxicity.2 Two small studies found it to be more effective than placebo in improving scores of positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms.7,8 However, a larger trial found no difference at endpoint in PANSS total scores, and an increase in adverse effects in the memantine group.”


If I remember correctly it’s a twice a day drug.


I tried Namenda (brand name Memantine) many years ago. I tried a small amount of a tablet (1/4 pill of the lowest dose).
It made me feel very anxious. I think it’s because it upped my heart rate.
I felt anxious in the weirdest way possible.
Never tried it again.


That’s an entirely different drug


I can’t wait to try this drug I hope it works.


No - same drug:

Memantine is marketed under the brands Namenda / Auxura / Ebixa and Memary among others. Memantine has been shown to have a modest effect in moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s disease


My Mother takes Namenda along with Aricept.
It’s helping her a bit with cognition.
I don’t know if I would be willing to try it.
My doctor would probably be reluctant to prescribe it to me.


I think memantine is working for me. I feel much more comfortable in social environments and my alogia is 40% better. I think I’m in my 15th day of memantine. I went to cinema today and I felt like a normal person.


I don’t think my insurance will cover this for me bummer.


Alogia getting better is big. If I remember correctly you are on a lower dose. Hopefully it isn’t placebo.


I’m on 10mg of memantine. It can increased to 20mg. I feel great :smile:.


What up? Your alogia is that good that you dont need the forum? Jk


Hmmmm, I talk to a lot of people now. I feel like normal (I still feel a little fear when around people, but it’s not too much). I have been a bit busy these days, then I don’t access the forum too much.


Just curious - what does this medication cost in Rias in Brazil? Do you pay for it, or is it covered by insurance?


I pay for it. It costs R$ 156,80 for 60 pills of 10mg.


Can u convert them into us dollar.!!!


Its 47.04 dollars


Wow - only a little over $22 a month for the 10 mg. Thats pretty nice. Keep us informed on how your trial goes as you continue to use it.


@brugluiz are you still using Memantine…? Any update?