Memantine for negative symptoms


Hello all, this is my first post here but I have lurked the site for a while. I have stumbled upon information suggesting that memantine reduces negative symptoms and figured I would share this with you all. It looks like I can’t post links but maybe some other members can do so for me. Simply Google “memantine” and “schizophrenia” together and feel free to post some of the work that has been done on the subject.


@DelusionalSoldier takes it i think…!!

Are u taking it .!!!


I have ordered some off the internet but I haven’t tried any yet.


I think try it…!!!


Can anyone link to the memantine and schizophrenia results? I can’t link to things I am too new.


uhm i once ordered from the internet the med was lamictal and i ended up having severe reaction, psychotic and NMS


HI @brandotron i found this meta study, but there is a lot of case studies. Which study you have in mind?

I’ve been interested in memantine too. But i just can’t figure how it works.


Oh my gosh. 1515


So my memantine arrived yesterday and I have dosed 10 mg last night and 5 mg this morning. I started feeling it last night but will have to see how today goes to see how it works for me.


So how did it work for you ?


It has been making me feel more positive, I haven’t had an increase in cognition but my mood has been better.


Isn’t memantine a prescription only med ? You shouldn’t be ordering it online.


If it gets rid of negative symptoms that is what really matters to me, I am a big boy ha.