New meds again

Risperdal 2mg twice a day ive never slept as much as i have the past 2 days. Im pretty sure the dose is a stupid amount most people start at .5mg not 4mg. This level of sedation seems unprofessional and harmful. Maybe they are trying to kill me lol. Anyone else have this constant changing and overdosing of meds from thrir docs?

My pdoc tried to change my dose again but I didn’t let him. Sedation I hear wears off.

At one point in time, about 15 years ago, I was on 6mg of risperdone which worked for me. I believe I was started at 3mg a day and I was up to 6mg in a week or so. I was in a hospital and it pulled me out of my psychosis and I was able to go home. The only real side effect that I had is when I would smoke, it would make me puke. Maybe if you give it a little time things will start to get better. I hope it works out for you.