New lyrics - written a while ago - feedback? - i think it needs work

I’m concerned about the below lyrics - the word hate said 3 x i think that could be far too many

also a bit worried about the change in topic!!?
or a nice way to finish? i don’t know if it works at all

I’ll link the hook

tell me what you think?

how would i know what you’re doing?
if i didn’t trust you
if you were out at a party and sleeping with your ex?
not working late.
no more fighting games
no more fuckjng waiting
don’t hate me.

I’m gonna scrape more than my knees
just wait for me
don’t come out and throw me to the wind
this is where i was fore I met you
if you give me peace it’s like the only balm i needed

Before you i thought i didn’t have a creed
thought i was out there not needed
not worth feeding
aiming for the street
idolising freedom
trying to get out the cage and just be them
not really a thing of hating the world
just making it tough to make myself heard

though i felt elated
I thought i was hated
Circumstances gave me everything i thought i deserved
just show up, reject the world

how would I know if you were bad for me?
no one but my family sad for me
knocking in doors just for company
and thrown straight back out, just history

because that is not just like you
I’m not surrounded in blue,

The love I feel for you
Im not gonna make that bad, too

For we are suspended
Worlds so up ended
Floating so near, our egos not dented
Our love is not contended
Its totally cemented
With no ending its endless
don’t care for your about-face

But all the world is heading for hell
Who could have known this wide heaven
could be so like a cell
almost midnight on the dandelion clock
So much destruction and we didn’t even balk

So it’s “where did i put my excuses list?”
Where did I draw a line and then just miss
What choices I made to do this not that not that not this
“I must’ve run out of the door without that list”

But you And me are real and there are billions of us

Is it wrong to even Dance like this? When we don’t know Which way nature will turn for us?
Will or will not a way out be found,
Hold me near while the world spins around


Looks nice keep it up…

I like it Chrystal you’re very talented.

forgot to mention here
as before the hook is just a download freebie its not mine

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