Ahhh, pay day...going to celebrate!

No, no drinking, no cigarettes, day 3 and no urges…my girlfriend gets paid today and we are going to eat out Chinese. It’s time for a better life and more money since I’m not spending $12 a day on cigs !! yayyyy


If you quit smoking, you will be saving $4,380 bucks a year - if you were spending $12 a day on cigs - continued success with it @jukebox !

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Hey @jukebox. Good luck (sincerely) on quitting. I was a 3-pack a day smoker, and I quit using an e-cig. I know you’ve tried numerous times to quit, but the ■■■■ is harder than heroin to quit. Personally, I’d be happy just to see you quit drinking. But if you quit SMOKING, you’re at that point in your life where if you don’t quit now, your body may never recover. It takes years to purge the effects of tobacco. I’m rooting for you hard, buddy, and I’d be over the moon if you quit and stayed quit!! Best wishes, and best of luck!

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I was a 3 pack a day smoker too alien, thank you so much for your support, (you too wave)

That’s great news, enjoy your chinese and congradulations.

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Good work @jukebox,

I’m glad you quitting again. Very cool. @Wave is right… that is a lot of money in the bank too.

Good food with your girlfriend is much better for your health then the cigs.

I’m glad you managed to patch it up with her and keep your relationship in tact.

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