New Job is Going Well


And I am going to be loaded. I worked out I will be saving £700 - £800 a month before I get the next section of my mortgage around Autumn. I got used to everything on the second shift, and the other guy has already crashed so I guess I am doing better than that guy. Can just put the radio on and listen to music and drive around it is pretty easy. Think I will stick to this until September when I start college and maybe find something a bit more challenging.


I want to quit my job and find better


Glad to hear you like it :slight_smile:
And who knows, maybe you don’t want more challenges when you start college.

What is your job?


I want to find a job but I need something low stress and within easy transportation reach. I’m glad your job is working well for you!


I am delivering pizzas for Domino’s part time, I figured I would just get driving jobs until I go college because I never did get A levels.


I used to deliver pizzas for ~5 years before I got sz. It paid the bills just fine


My ex delivers pizzas and he seems to be enjoying it, actually. It’s a nice part-time job for him.


I did drop a guys drink though the other day, I dont think he was too pleased about that. But it was one of the first times I went out when someone else packed my order and I did not know it was in there :sweat_smile:.


Am glad for you @admiralbarkley!


Glad things are going well for you! I used to work second shift and I loved it. I never liked getting up early so working the evening or even the night shift was good for me.