New here but have been sick for years

Hi everyone, my name is Charlene and I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia last year but I’ve been having symptoms since I was 13. I didn’t develop Schizophrenia full blown until I was 24. I thought that I was schizophrenic but went into a delusional haze and thought that I was actually becoming telepathically capable and that I was having a spiritual awakening. I was hospitalized three times and began the Invega injection last year. I still get confused sometimes and may come here when I am having an episode. But usually I can talk myself down and convince myself that I’m not hearing other people’s thoughts, nor are they hearing mine. However, it would be nice to connect with other people that understand what I have been and currently am going through. Btw, has anyone else here had a schizophrenic blackout? A time where you felt like you weren’t in control of your words or actions? I’ve had this happen a few times and it’s pretty scary. I have yet to meet anyone else that has been through this.

hi, sorry you’ve been sick

had the sz blackout

Oh really? Do you mind me asking what happened when you blacked out?

Gonna stick these links in here because it may (or may not) be edifying for you.

Some schizophrenic patients “black out” into another consciousness or persona that acts like a wholly separate person with a completely distinct set of behavioral traits, motives and memories in the same body.

Those who have worked with pts with multiple personality disorder are sometimes witness to this. (I have seen it once en vivo; it was eerie.)

MPD can overlap with sz, though it seems very rare. But having seen a florid example, as well as many more subtle examples, the explanations I have read in Richard Kluft’s work (see below) make complete sense to me… though the range of “personal historical reasons” is probably much broader than he suggested years ago.

@notmoses thank you for that information!

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Great album id say.

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Welcome! It’s okay to write when you are telepathic too. We will say you are delusional though.

I was telepathic too. Sort of. I communicated with radio waves. Had to tune in on people to hear their thoughts. Realized it’s a two way communication and freaked out. They could tune in on me too! Delusion.

I have a black out from my psychotic episode that was about two years long. I remember my delusional thinking but not what happened irl.

I’ve had people take over my body. But I was conscious of it the whole time. Sill happens on occasion but not as extreme.

me too I think that I am ill since child. and I think that I understand what is your ‘‘delusional haze’’… I am derealizated and in haze since years already. treated since 5 years with switching meds, now I keep my zprexa and ill see if my efforts to struggle will pay… I wanna go out, have boyfriend etc but I am too disabled for the moment :confused:
I hope you will find a relieve here, it helps me :slight_smile:

Welcome, @charpercharlie!!..


Welcome! I had blackouts before I was on meds. Sometimes it would last weeks. My bf at the time would tell me he missed me when I was blacked out bc I was totally different.

@claire Most of the time I am conscious of it, but one time I was not. That’s when I crashed my car :frowning:

Hi, welcome to the site :smiley: I’ve found this site to be very beneficial. Hugs

take care :alien:

Hi and welcome! I also had a similar experience with an automobile.