New haircut

Got a new cut tonight. I was feeling fine until I started taking photos of myself, now I’m feeling highly depressed…


You look good in this hair style, very clean and nice. Stop feeling bad, sohare1981.

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this was the image I was going for, I just have it styled more relaxed…

To get it to stand up and look fluffy you’ll want to use some type of mousse when you get out the shower. And then when it dries, brush it out so it doesn’t look all stuck together. Then apply light hairspray. The cut is awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the cut. Don’t be so depressed! As that song goes…

“Don’t worry… about a thing… cause every little thing… id gonna be alright!”

Trust me, Natalie Portman didn’t wake up with her hair like that :slight_smile: It takes a fair bit of blow-drying, product etc. I think the cut is great.

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I like it, too.

you are doing better than me, i have been meaning to get a haircut for weeks :frowning: and my head is itchy

I also got my hair cut recently.

I like it! You’re lucky, your hair is straight. Mine has a wave to it so it flips out. I’ve been perming it for the past few years out of convenience. I just got a hair cut last week and had some high lights put in. It’s funny because after the last time I had high lights I dyed it pink and then when I got tired of that I dyed it a natural red. Well this time around the high lights brought out the pink again. My stylist fought with it for an hour and it was still faint pink. Oh well. It looks good though with the blond and red. Don’t be down on yourself though. I hate pictures of myself. I always feel so fat. :sunny:

I hate hair. So I cut my hair crew cut. Easy to manage and easy to keep clean.

I hate my hair, it is curly. Y’all are lucky that y’all got tamable hair mine just goes all over the place.

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Count your blessings. At least you have hair.

thanks for all the replies. :slight_smile: I wasn’t upset with the hair, I liked the hair, it’s more so my overall look I’m frustrated with. and the voices were bothering me last night bringing my mood down. I’m in a much better mood today though I still don’t feel confident in myself.

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tell them voices to go die in a ditch :smiley:

I cut my hair really short in February, and after a while I regretted it, now its taking forever to grow out, its so irritating! Fortunately I am Muslim so I cover my hair, it looks so much nicer covered, so I cover it with a cap or scarf at home too.

I try to not think of myself in a negative light. Comparing myself to a celebrity is a recipe for depression.

I’ll admit it’s hard not to do it when looking at “the beautiful people”. I used to tell myself, when looking at some handsome celeb, that “yeah if I was their age and lost some weight and worked out”. Then I saw that this guy was my age.

That guy is incredibly handsome. It’s like he and I aren’t even of the same species. If I compared myself to him I’d lose and feel like crap.

A person will never feel comfortable unless they accept who they are and learn to love themselves. You are the only copy of you in this world and that is precious. Embrace who you are.

I like the new do. It looks professional and sharp. I have wavy/curly hair that would just be a frizz ball if I cut it short.

I like the new haircut. Good for you for treating yourself to something new. :smile:

Nice hair cut. Also like your pink shirt. :shirt: