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I don’t know if you’re interested, but I give you some news from me anyway. :confused:

I’m very tired cause I have sleeping problems. I go to bed very late almost every day.

I started sociology studies in september but I stopped cause university website is a real mess.
Can’t talk with any teacher. It’s horrible… General organization of all this is really not great. :-1:
They don’t care about online students. They only care for those who are physically present, someone told me. Don’t know if it’s true or not.
It was such a disappointment.
I also stopped cause It was psychologically very difficult.

So, I talked to a psychologist who is specialized in addiction trouble. (computer addiction concerning me.) and she suggested to me that I could give “Computer assisted music” courses to people.
I do not feel enough qualified to do that. (even if I have some qualification)

So I went to the music school of my neighborhood and I tried to take “computer assisted music” lessons… But they don’t have courses in this musical practices.
I finally signed up for drums lessons. (I played drums when I was a teenager.)

I can even take other lessons like electric guitar… It’s the same price.
I’m also interested in musicotherapy.

I feel tired cause I have some medical appointement too and I have to drive a lot… I just can’t do all of this.

Another thing: What’s cool is that I’m chatting with a woman that I might meet soon, but I’m so afraid of getting carried away by my emotions / feelings that it makes me think too much.

I really can’t do all of this, and as a schizophrenic I suffer from mental overstrain.

I hope you will have read me and that eventually you will be able to give me your opinion on all this.

Thank you. :handshake:


It’s not a bad idea to teach music online. But maybe, if you really are addicted, you should spend some time in therapy working on that while taking more music lessons so you will be able to teach.

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Awesome that you’ve met someone. Just take it slow. Hope all goes well

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Thank you @ZmaGal , @Cragger

You’re right Zannah. I think music lesson at music school can save me from having too much pc / smartphone.
The main goal is to do things that are not online or computer based as you said. I can use the computer but interspersed periods of music (the computer will be off.)
Thanks Cragger.
It’s not difficult to me to chat online with women. The biggest difficulty is to date someone after having chat online… :confused:

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Good luck! I hope you succeed

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I think it is cool that you are playing the drums. I play the drums but, I can’t play consistently. It is because of my depression.

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Cool Jake !
Maybe if one day you post a forum thread about drums, I will answer it…

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That’s very true @DetunedGuitar . Meeting someone in person, it’s totally different than talking online. You may not click in person, I’ve had that happen before.

When I was dating, I tried to meet for a coffee within a few weeks. Otherwise, you could be just wasting your time. Hope it goes well for you

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@Cragger Thank you so much !

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I got the confirmation for the date Monday evening.
This woman is really warm and friendly.
Hope I have a good time. In any case, she is rather reassuring in terms of her personality.
She’s a little esoteric but that doesn’t bother me. She is therefore not a rigid woman.


sounds like life haha, little bit of good, little bit of a challenge. Hope youre doing good overall :slight_smile:


Thank you @ThePoet.
I feel so much tired…
Slept 1 hour this afternoon, but it’s insufficient.
Talked to the girl I was talking about… That was cool but too much uncertainty in my head.
I mean, it’s ok but it irks me to be like that.
There is no stake, just having fun meeting someone, but social interactions tire me.

Would like to be a normal person, with normal thoughts, with stress related to reality, not to inner fictions.

Have a good afternoon/night.

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thats awesome man, i remember when i first met my girlfriend i was so excited haha what a great time it must be for you. hope you too end up together for the long haul :stuck_out_tongue:

social interactions make me tired too man

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Yeah… Hope so too.
It’s nice to discuss with you. You seem to be a nice person.

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Finally got my date earlier than expected.
It was very nice but I was very tired because I had spent the day in Paris …
I didn’t want to evade certain things about me.
We’ll see what comes of it. We just had a drink together.

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I have bad sleeping problems too, I feel your pain

Also Im surprised theyre still underprioritizing online students even after covid. Im doing an online track at a coding school and I feel like theyve just left us to figure it out on our own also. I cant imagine what it must be like to be just out of high school trying to navigate online courses even now

Youre a very talented guitarist! I love your work so I think anything with music would work out wonderfully for you, drums also sounds like a ton of fun!

Glad youve found someone, you sound like youve got things going so I think youl be ok in the long run. Hang in there!

Meilleurs voeux d’un homme qui parle très peu français :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much @zwolfgang .

I REALLY appreciate your message… :relaxed:.

Bonne nuit.
Fais de beaux rêves.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.


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Finally she blocked me on the phone just after the date :joy:
I must admit that I was too confident and talked about things from my past, and of course she knew I don’t have a job (notably).
A beginner’s mistake! :rofl:

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