New Cellular Therapy Gives Hope for Schizophrenia


I thought this was about cellphones, cellular haha


I don’t know anything about this but it sounds hopeful.

Campbell Neurosciences is a subsidiary of Therapeutic Solutions International (OTCPK:TSOI). Today the firm announced that recent data showed the effect of certain cells in an animal model of schizophrenia that resulted in suppression of multiple neurological manifestations of the condition. There was a clear association between increased numbers of T regulatory cells and therapeutic activity.

I would like to read the “recent data.”


So I haven’t found any publication (not that I’ve made an exhaustive search) but on the parent company’s website I did find the patent abstracts.

There’s a lot, including blood tests for suicide risk and treatments for suicide prevention. Below are the ones specific to schizophrenia.

Immunotherapy of Schizophrenia and Schizophrenia Associated Suicidal Ideation/Suicide

Disclosed are methods, means, and protocols of modifying the immune system so as to induce an immunologically tolerant state insofar as T regulatory cell number and/or activity is augmented in a patient suffering from schizophrenia. In one embodiment T regulatory cells are administered to the patient from exogenous sources, be they allogeneic or autologous. In other embodiments, T regulatory cells are generated endogenously through administration of immature dendritic cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and/or pharmaceutical means.

Protection/Regeneration of Neurological Function by Endothelial Protection/Rejuvenation using Stem Cells for Treatment of Conditions such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Schizophrenia

Disclosed are therapeutic compounds, protocols, and compositions of matter useful for treatment of neurological conditions. In one embodiment the invention teaches the treatment of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) through protecting/regenerating the endothelial by administration of cells such as stem cells. In one embodiment stem cells are administered in order to protect the endothelium from apoptosis and to preserve the blood brain barrier. In another embodiment stem cells are administered together with endothelial progenitor cells in order to regenerate neural endothelium. In other embodiments preservation of brain integrity in conditions of degeneration is accomplished by administration of stem cells and/or endothelial cells.


Sounds very promising!! I wonder how long it would take to bring it to Market. It’s certainly the best thing I’ve heard so far


My guess is a long time - this company is so little, they could run out of money before the end of the year. They are a penny stock, they don’t have a lot of cash reserves. If they don’t go out of business, it will take them a longer time to do trials because they’re so expensive and they have to take into account the possibility that a failed trial ends the company.

But, they do have a lot of different areas they’re working on and a lot of patents. So it is possible another company might buy them or their patents.

On the positive side, the founders (of the subsidiary, I think) are on a personal crusade against suicide and I don’t think they will give up easily.


Let’s all hope they make a breakthrough before the money Runs Out. I’d hate to see the research get buried

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Found this, the first human trial (projected start time not given) will be in people with SZ resistant to ECT.

The company is working towards filing with the FDA an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to administer the stem cells in patients who are non-responsive to electroconvulsive therapy.

BTW this is an intravenous infusion - it is not going to be brain surgery implanting stem cellls, and it will probably have different results from that type of (potential) therapy. But infusion is a lot less complicated and probably less risky.


I’m surprised no one has research this before, stem cell research has been around for quite a while. Maybe they’re just the first to see the potential in treating schizophrenia. I hope to God they make some progress, the sooner the better

At this point, I would probably offer myself up as a guinea pig

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