Medicine's next big thing: Stem cells and schizophrenia?


Lodge hopes his research leads to a stem cell treatment that would be administered to patients in pill form. Taking this therapy from the lab to clinic will take at least 10 years.

Theres a video in the link.


I have to come back to watch the video. I want to know more about this pill for stem cell therapy.

I can’t find the video though.


Sorry i should of elaborated more the video is just what is typed in the section its at the top of the page.


I have read (elsewhere) that they’re developing a drug to give along with stem cell therapy in stroke. Haven’t yet heard of a drug provided on its own - but hey, I guess if they can develop drugs that up or down regulate gene expression, I suppose why not. Technology is so damn amazing.


This is not the same research group, but here’s some people working on a drug treatment targeting PV interneurons, so maybe such a thing is possible.


We’re a little late on stem cell research, here in the USA it turned into a political thing back in the 00’s. I hope it’s still not political, we need to do research on those cells to cure or treat so many things.


Very interesting… thanks for posting @Opus!


What do you say if you know that;
1- schizophrenia is an independent health condition,have self-control
2-It is substantial condition have been embodied suddenly in the third decade of life Beside the inherited psychological healthy condition
2-It does not exist inside the brain cells or rooted from the cellular functions
4- It is not a natural part from the cellular content
5-It is not a part from the genetic material or the brain chemical substances
6- it is a whole parasitic health condition in structure and function
7- it is acts and behaves (practice its life cycle) in the human psychic existence,the current conscious mind and all possible time of waking
8- the schizophrenia health condition in the human psychic existence is look like a virus in the organic cell ,i.e it is an external factor

9- what is the effect of stem cells to treating such as schizophrenia ?
it is new psychic being not rooted from the human brain cells because it is an external factor like the virus/bacteria ,it is a whole living psychological component in nature,it is look like the thing you call it “I”/my self or/ the self or/ the soul or the sprite or the personal entity !!