Anyone have special relationships with their car?

My car talks to me and threatens me if I dont drive. It even pushes me to steal petrol to drive non stop which of course I won’t. But my car is angry with me so I’m upset.

You Really shouldnt be driving a car until the delusions and hallucinations are gone.

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That’s what my nurse said to me

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Please stop driving. Give your keys to someone you trust and tell them not to let you have them until you’re stable. You could end up killing someone!

My car’s accelerator is into being dominated. It wants me to mash it down to the floor with my foot and hold it there.

Okay guys I will hand my keys in. I’d hate for anyone to get hurt. But I’m still scared what my car might do to me if I do so :frowning: thanks for the support x

I get attached to vehicles but they don’t talk to me.

I still have my first car I got in 1985. She is my baby. I have since acquired two more just like her.

It’s good you stopped driving.

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It’s very hard. My car is threatening me also which is scaring me :frowning:

Can you have a friend park it at their house for a while? Maybe if it’s away from you you’ll feel less afraid. What meds are you on?

Its parked at my neighbor’s but I can still hear it calling me. Its actually really terrifying me. I have had 3 cars in my life. First one was the same as this one. Second one I was sure was trying to poison me and now this one which demands alot from me

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Are you in treatment? What does your doctor have to say?

Yes I am on 450mg of clozapine. I haven’t overly talked about the car to him as I just bought it but my nurse is really worried cause she knew me when I had the last cars. I go around searching for the police because they penetrate my mind and try control me and it’s sort of a retaliation thing I guess

You should talk it over with your doctor.

Yeah it’s a bit hard to as hes from another country and I dont understand him very well. He said I have a little madness which I was offended by. My mind is sound

It’s hard to hear that we can’t trust our own minds as well as we think we can. I’m glad the car is at a neighbor’s house for now. How long have you had this problem?

Where I live they call a siphon hose an Oklahoma credit card.

Yes indeed. Since 2015 when all this started. The worst was when I was in hospital and begged the pdoc to let me go see my mum 400km away as she was dying and he did. Got about 100km okay then started having this choking sensation and felt like my car was trying to gas me to death like the nazis did to the Jews. My driving became atrocious and I ended up going into hospital in a city I didnt know very well and they transferred me back home. I totally freaked out. The nurses faces were morphing and she was just being rude to me. So I wrecked that car. But this car is different it says it wants to help me. It compels me

Do you live somewhere with public transportation?

Yes I do. But I get panic attacks when I’m out alot and it’s very hard for me to get back home as soon as they start. I hide and try get someone to pick me up. Feel like people want to hurt me for the police :frowning:

I’m going to be honest. It sounds like you need to be in the hospital.

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