New bipolar, schizophrenia drugs in development



Any developments are highly welcome, including having meds that have the same therapeutic
effects as the current meds but without side effects.
Of course medications that fix other spheres, prominently cognition would be awesome.


For concerned parties:
If you trust the science Brexpiprazole appears to have an excellent safety profile.


My IQ is fine. I just need less weight gain, I need to exercise, more motivation, and i need better functioning skills. I don’t brush my teeth a lot.


“may be released soon” 15 years later…


We have to wait for another 10 to 30 years for effective medication…!!!


makes me want to cry iv been waiting 10 years and nothing new has happened in that time


Wait for sep 856 aut 00206 and min 101…they are for negative symptoms … i also cry a lot… i am crying right now… we have be patience…!!

Lifes a bitch…!!!


Whatsup far_cry, how are you??


@Tyme i am good… my parents are forcing me to work… i cant work… i am taking them to pdoc and therapist… i am crying man…!!!


I’m so sorry you’re going through that. I hope you can work some day. A cure is coming soon hopefully. The good news is I missed two calls on my old phone. I hope it’s for a gast station I applioed to. I’m able to call back and find out tomorrow. That’s where we differ, but I feel your pain. Is it impossible to work? What types of jobs are available where you live?


@far_cry0, I’m sorry to hear that. My parents haven’t forced me to work, and I know I could never manage it. I would just crack from the negative symptoms telling me I can do nothing. I don’t fit into the neurotypical notion of a hard working person. I have no motivation in my brain, much like a person with a missing limb. I’m so sorry you have to live a hard life, sometimes life can be unfair and even terrible.


hello @Chess24, could you please elaborate why Brexpiprazole and how effective it is? is it safe as not to cause TD?