New attempt at singing!

I think my voice is much better on this one. Im feeling a huge improvement! Hope you guys like this, its about love while being sz

@kevonthepoet @Gratitude thank you guys for working with me lately!

@Patrick How did I do man?

Let me know what you think!


dude i think you should keep singing, great job!

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Thanks man! Im pretty unsure of my singing voice but Ive been told I have potential with the timbre I have and all so maybe I can make it! Thanks for the vote of confidence dude!

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Nice track, Z…

You have a distinctive voice for sure. You’re on key and I see lots of potential here…and room for growth as well. :sunny:

I find my own voice to be ‘just okay’. I mostly sing on key as well, but consider myself to be a songwriter as opposed to a musician or vocalist.

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You should do this full-time if you can.

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@Patrick Thanks man! I think your voice is great, better than mine for sure. We should work on that song you were talking about before I moved to sweden, I think it could be our next hit!

@MisterCrowley Thank you so much! That would be the dream, to do this full time haha, glad you think I have what it takes!

This was written about my song on a songwriting forum:

Hi @zwolfgang!

I like the general idea of the song. It´s really touching, the vocal melody is really nice.

I personally think the vocals need a bit more of work, there are some parts where I think you are losing a bit the intonation. But the timbre of your voice is quite sweet and deep, I really like it.

Another thing I’ve noticed, is that, sometimes the guitar is fighting to much with the voice during the riff, and it does not sound great. I would reduce the sound of the guitar on that parts or take it out. Because it gives me the feeling of noise. I am meaning parts such as 1:00 - 1:03, or 1:10. Maybe it´s just a matter of getting a better mix. 1:34 to 1:40, I think the guitars are not really matching well the key or something, I like both the guitars and the vocal melody, but somehow I don´t feel they are working there. Can you hear it? They are kind of fighting too much, imo.

I think this tune requires a bit more of work, but this can be such a great song! You have plenty of beautiful ideas there! I really like the shape it´s getting! :)

Would you guys agree? I love getting feedback like this it helps me improve! I want to make this song something special, and critiquing my voice is part of that

It’s very good!
I like it!

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Thanks @Wave! Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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You have a unique voice. Maybe you were singing too low key in the beginning. Maybe try singing in a higher key. The chorus seemed to be easier for you to sing.


Thanks @Loke! I agree a different key would probably have been better, but I liked C# minor because of the chords I could play on guitar. Some beautiful chords to be used there. I switched it to F# minor for the chorus, so it was a little easier for me there, but singing doesnt come naturally to me so I still had to work for it haha. Anyway thanks for the feedback might go and redo that

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No. I think you have a beautiful voice. You just seemed to be struggling in the beginning.

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Thank you :smiley:

I was struggling throughout to be honest haha it took many takes to get what youre hearing here. Like I said Im no natural singer, Ive had to work at it these past couple months but Im getting there. Glad you think my voice is beautiful, I never wouldve thought anyone could like my singing voice lol, but Im getting a lot of great feedback so maybe I have a shot! Thanks for listening!

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