Never heard voices or have delusion

Am I still a schizophrenic?
The first doctor who diagnosed me just want to earn money and let me take antipsychotic

Have you experienced psychosis?

you r the best to know yourself

Positve symptoms. Those that are present and shouldn’t be. Hallucinations. Thought insertion. Command hallucinations. Voices etc

Negative syptoms. Those that should be present but aren’t. Avolition. Alogia. anehedonia. spelling! apathy etc…

Periods of these symptoms over 6 months is usually the criteria. ie it’s not an isolated event caused by medications/drugs etc.


I am same boat as u …never heard any voices never had hallucinations but still a szphernick…u may have border line personality disorder…go see a new doc…can i ask u…??

What is ur breakthrough symptoms that i ask u before.