Neurontin (Gabapentin) as needed?


Has anyone used Gabapentin as needed for anxiety or do you stickk to a regular dosing schedule or both?


Never heard it prescribed on an as needed basis.
We’re you prescribed it this way?


It hardly does anything for anxiety. Propranolol would do more for anxiety than neurontin. And that’s not saying much at all.


I take it on a regular basis for pain but I think I’ve read somewhere here that people are using it for anxiety as needed.


I think @ninjastar takes it as needed


I take it as needed for anxiety. I like it. I only need to take about theee or four a month. If I take it too frequently, it makes me manic and hypersexual.


I currently take it 3x a day every day for anxiety/mood problems. It works really well for that.


I take it as needed for anxiety.


I only take it at night for sleep maintenance insomnia. Some days it’s really effective other days not so much.


I used to abuse neurotinine for a better mood.


It works for some. Not all the time I think. The trick is, if you don’t really need it everyday to only take it when you do, then it has a greater chance of working. But i can only see it working on a more milder sort of anxiety. I didn’t find it that sedative when I took it.